Rashly driven bus goes around corner with 2 wheels in the air: Almost hits 2 vehicles [Video]

Rash driving is a major problem in India and around the world. Every year, many people lose their lives in road accidents. In many cases, it is not even the fault of the victim. We have come across several incidents where people are seen rashly driving vehicles. These dangerous acts often end up in accidents. Here we have one such video that has been circulating online for few days. In this video a rashly driven bus is seen taking a corner with two wheels almost in the air. The bus almost hits 2 other two-wheelers on the road.


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The video has been shared by modz_own_country on their Instagram page. The incident has been recorded in a CCTV camera installed outside a house. The camera was facing the road.  The road has a slight curve to the left and then to the right. We see a biker riding his motorcycle through the road. He is on the left-hand side of the road and is riding slowly. As we covered the slight curve to the left, he probably heard the bus coming from behind and slowed down. He did not stop and continued to ride ahead.

The bus then enters the curve too fast and the driver turns the steering too much to avoid going off the road. However, the bike was caught between the bus and the railings of the road. The bus driver realised the mistake and immediately corrected the steering to avoid accident. He turned the steering right and there was another scooter coming from the opposite direction. The scooter rider narrowly escaped the accident. As the bus driver changed the direction suddenly, the bus lost balance for few seconds and two of its wheels were in air. The biker and the scooter rider from the opposite direction had both escaped from the spot. The driver managed to gain control on the bus and he then drives the bus forward.

Rashly driven bus goes around corner with 2 wheels in the air: Almost hits 2 vehicles [Video]

The bus driver was definitely driving fast and that is one of the main reason for this incident. The driver was lucky that there was not much traffic on the road. People driving heavy vehicles like bus and trucks should be a lot more careful on the road. This is a private that ferries people on a particular route. People travelling in such rashly driven buses might get injured due to the fault of the driver. There have been many accidents in the past where people travelling in rashly driven buses have got serious injuries and even lost their lives. The video seen here has been recorded somewhere in Kerala.

Rashly driven bus goes around corner with 2 wheels in the air: Almost hits 2 vehicles [Video]

The exact location of the incident is not known. Both the two-wheeler riders were lucky to not get hit by the bus. The bus driver entered the turn too fast and he did not have enough time and space to slow down before the next turn. That is what made two of its wheels go up in the air. The video does not say whether the concerned authorities have taken action against the bus driver for rash driving or not.