Rashly driven Dodge Challenger & Charger speed away even after Bengaluru cop takes pics of them [Video]

In the recent past we have seen a trend among car enthusiasts to actually bring an exotic car to India via Carnet and use it for few months or an year. Indians living abroad have brought cars like McLaren, Hummer, Dodge Viper, Ford Raptor and many more cars and SUVs. Usually, people bring cars that are officially not on sale in India or are extremely expensive to own in India. We even have people who have brought Jimny from Dubai to India. Here we have a video where a Dodge Challenger and Charger and seen on the streets on Bengaluru.

The video has beenuploaded by SPOTTER INDIA on their YouTube channel. According to the video, both Challenger and the Charger were brought to Kerala and the owners were visiting Bengaluru in the same cars. Both cars have loud exhausts and they are also driving the car very rashly. As seen in the video, there are many other vehicles on the road and the drivers are not caring about them at all.  One of the traffic police officer who was on duty spotted the cars and took his phone out to click a picture. The cars do not stop and they simply speed away. It looks like the cop wanted to fine the cars for loud exhausts.

In the video cops standing at mutiple junction in the city can be seen showing hands to stop the car but, they simply do not stop. The Green Dodge Challenger driver can be heard revving the engine within the city limits. As we all know, Dodge does not sell these car in India officially. They are extremely rare on our roads and most of them might be seeing this for the first time too. We won’t be surprised if a cop things the Challenger as a heavily modified Contessa. There are several modified HM Contessas in India with aftermarket exhaust and muscle car like modifications.

Rashly driven Dodge Challenger & Charger speed away even after Bengaluru cop takes pics of them [Video]

The car seen here however were not replicas but original. It looks like both the cars get aftermarket exhausts that are louder than the stock ones. Carnet is is a temporary passport for goods. Using Carnet, a person can import a car to India without paying import tax and duty on that particular vehicle. The car is usually imported for a period of 6 to 12 months and that is why it is exempted from import tax and duty. Coming to the details, the Challenger seen here looks like a third generation SRT variant. It is a 2 door muscle car that comes with 6.4 litre V8 engine that generates 485 Ps and 644 Nm of peak torque. The car is paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission.

The Charger is again an iconic American muscle car and the one seen here in the video is a Red coloured seventh generation Charger. This the facelift model which was launched back in 2015. Bringing such exotic cars to India shows how much people love these cars. But the one who bring these vehicles to India should also know how to behave on the road. They should be more considerate towards other road users as they can easily get distracted or even scared by the loud exhaust on these cars.