Rashly driven Land Rover Defender hits and kills migratory birds on Goa’s Arossim beach

It seems that people are still not learning from the punishable incidents of driving on beach shores, which have eventually ended up in dangerous consequences. Most such incidents are happening in Goa, where people usually come for leisure trips. In a recent incident from Goa, a person driving on Arossim beach recklessly ended up killing two migratory birds, thus attracting a lot of flak from netizens.

Rashly driven Land Rover Defender hits and kills migratory birds on Goa’s Arossim beach

The incident has been reported from Arossim, Goa, where a person, the identity of whom is yet undisclosed, has come to attention for deliberately driving his Land Rover Defender into a flock of migratory seagulls. In this incident, two of the migratory birds got killed, the footage of which has been recorded on a CCTV camera at the spot. The camera also recorded the intentional driving of the person on the beach shores after deliberately driving into birds. Despite the attempts of lifeguards trying to stop him, the person continued driving his Defender in circles, after which he fled from the spot.

Rashly driven Land Rover Defender hits and kills migratory birds on Goa’s Arossim beach

Due to his stupid actions, which are earning a lot of flak from the locals, tourists and wildlife activists, the Goa Tourism Department has filed an FIR against the unidentified person based on the footage of his antics recorded on the CCTV camera. Even the registration number of the Defender got recorded in the CCTV camera. In addition to this FIR, the Forest Department is also looking into this matter, since it involved the killing of two migratory birds at the beach shore.

Defender drove around at high-speed

Rashly driven Land Rover Defender hits and kills migratory birds on Goa’s Arossim beach

In the statement in the FIR, the lifeguards, who were present at the time of the incident, stated that the Defender was being driven at a very high speed when there was low tide at the beach. The person driving the SUV deliberately drove over a flock of Brown Headed Gulls, who usually migrate to the beach shores of Goa from the Himalayas in every winter season.

The lifeguards also added that when this incident happened, many birds successfully managed to fly away, save for the two birds that got killed in the accident. While one of those two birds died on the spot, the other succumbed to its injuries a few hours later. The FIR report also mentioned that the Defender was being driven in circles on the beach near a beachside property at Arossim. Based on the registration number, the Goa Police has begun its investigation to nab the culprit.

Driving on the beach is illegal

The Goa government has banned any private vehicle from entering the beaches. The step came a few years ago after a number of tourists entered the beaches with private vehicles and got stuck. Other vehicles and resources had to be called to recover these vehicles. To ensure that these private vehicles do not put an unnecessary load on the resources, the government has banned the entry of vehicles to the beaches.

There have been instances where the vehicles of ministers have gotten stuck on the beaches. It takes a massive effort to recover such vehicles from the beaches as the rescue vehicle also faces challenges in the sand.

But what if you really want to take your vehicle to the beaches? Well, there are a few beaches in India that allow private vehicles to enter legally. There is a beach in Kerala, which allows vehicles to enter after an entry fee. Most of the beaches have soft sand that causes vehicles to get stuck. However, Muzapillangad Beach in Kerala has hard sand that ensures that the cars do not get stuck.

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