Rashly driven Mahindra TUV300 driver nearly topples Toyota Fortuner [Video]

Accidents are very common in India. In fact, the country sees one of the highest numbers of accidents in the world. Here is a crash that got caught on CCTV. A Mahindra TUV300 crashed into a Toyota Fortuner, which could have gone very wrong. But no one got injured in this accident.

The footage of the accident shared by Cyberabad Police shows a well-maintained, deserted, six-lane road. The Toyota Fortuner can be spotted on the right-hand side of the video minding its own business and using the middle lane to cruise along.

Suddenly, we can see a Mahindra TUV30o entering the screen and crashing straight into the Toyota Fortuner’s front right offset. The impact caused the Toyota Fortuner to almost turn over. Even the TUV300 gained some airtime and we can see the rear wheels in the air.

Rashly driven Mahindra TUV300 driver nearly topples Toyota Fortuner [Video]

According to the police, the TUV300 was trying to take a turn at high speed. However, he could not control the body roll of the vehicle and lost control of the SUV completely. The TUV300 continued understeering and hitting the Fortuner head-on.

The reports claim that no one got serious injuries in this accident. All the occupants of the Toyota Fortuner and the Mahindra TUV300 were safe with only a few minor scratches.

Top-heavy SUVs tend to overturn

SUVs, with their high ground clearance, have a higher risk of tipping over compared to standard hatchbacks or sedans. It is crucial to exercise extra caution when driving SUVs, especially at high speeds.

The elevated ground clearance of SUVs contributes to their inclination to tilt and potentially overturn. Hence, drivers should be particularly vigilant when transitioning from a sedan to an SUV.

Vehicles with tall structures, such as MPVs and SUVs, are more susceptible to rollovers when traveling at high speeds. The increased height of the roof raises the center of gravity, making SUVs and MPVs less stable when taking corners at higher speeds compared to sedans.

This is why one should be extra careful while driving top-heavy vehicles, especially SUVs. While the high-end performance SUVs do not suffer so much due to the expensive suspension set-up, the regular ones do face massive challenges while taking turns at high speed.

The higher risk of tipping over and the unsettling feeling while taking high-speed corners in SUVs compared to low-slung sedans is a result of their elevated ground clearance.

The increased ground clearance of SUVs makes them more susceptible to tilting and potential falls. Therefore, it is crucial for individuals to exercise extra caution when driving SUVs, particularly when transitioning from a sedan.