Rashly ridden KTM Duke rear-ends a Maruti Alto on a mountain road [Video]

Riding motorcycles on hilly roads is one of the most fun, exhilarating, and adrenaline-filled activities that can be done by biking enthusiasts. However, with this fun activity comes a lot of responsibility, the main one of which is driving with regard to traffic rules and pedestrian safety. On those hilly roads, it becomes very easy to overspeed, and one wrong judgment could lead to an accident. Recently, a video of one such accident on a twisty mountain road was shared online. Spoiler alert: thankfully, no one was severely hurt in this video.

The video of this particular mountain road accident has come courtesy of The Sirmauri. It was shared by them on their channel. It starts off with the rider and his friend riding their KTM motorcycles on a hilly road. He starts off the video by stating that he and his friend are going to meet up with some of their other biker friends on the same road. Both the rider and his friend were then seen speeding on the twisty roads of the mountain.

Rashly ridden KTM Duke rear-ends a Maruti Alto on a mountain road [Video]

Following the introduction, the video comprises both of the riders continuously driving recklessly on the road before they finally meet with their friends. Soon after they meet up with them, some of their friends start performing dangerous stunts on the road. A person on a KTM Duke motorcycle was shown performing wheelies and stoppies on the public road near a blind corner. It was also shown in the video that two of his wheelies ended just near the edge of the road. This was extremely dangerous and reckless as he could have fallen from the cliffside if something went wrong.

Rashly ridden KTM Duke rear-ends a Maruti Alto on a mountain road [Video]

The accident

Soon after leaving this spot, the video then shows the rider and his friend continuing their careless, rash driving on the road. In the next few clips, after narrowly avoiding a crash with a Mahindra Bolero SUV, the rider in front hits a Maruti Suzuki Alto hatchback which was making a U-turn on the road. What happened was the Alto driver was turning his car around, and the rider came speeding towards him. The rider at that moment could not brake fast enough, and because of that, he crashes into the rear end of the Alto.

Rashly ridden KTM Duke rear-ends a Maruti Alto on a mountain road [Video]

The video shows the KTM Duke rider falling on the road after hitting the Alto. Soon after falling, he gets up and lays down on a cement rail on the side of the road. He can be seen agonizing in pain. He states the handlebar hit his chest and stomach. His friend immediately comes and stops his bike and checks on him. After which he picks up his friend’s bike and brings it to the side of the road.

Aftermath of the accident

In the video, the driver of the Alto then comes to assess the situation and apologizes to the rider. He mentions that he was unable to see the rider arriving towards his car, and because of it, he immediately turned his vehicle. The rider and his friend understood the situation and reacted calmly and also apologized for speeding. Both parties in the video maturely handled the situation and moved ahead.

Lesson from this accident

Rashly ridden KTM Duke rear-ends a Maruti Alto on a mountain road [Video]

The biggest takeaway from this video was that no matter how skilled a rider or a driver is behind the handlebar or wheel of an automobile, they can still get involved in an accident. Another one of the key lessons is that the rider already escaped from accidents on a few occasions in the same video. This should have prompted him to slow down and drive more carefully. However, he does not do that and continues speeding and soon after meets with an accident. Fortunately, the accident was not too severe, and he did not sustain more intense injuries. But this accident could have become ugly if he was riding at an even higher speed.

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