Ratan Tata arrives at Taj Mahal hotel in his custom-built Nano electric car: Caught on video

Ratan Tata, Former Chairman of Tata Sons is a person who needs no introduction. He is said to be a very simple man and he has won the hearts of millions of people in India and around the world with his down-to-earth nature and welfare activities. He has a good taste in cars and has a decent collection of luxury, exotic and regular cars. One of the recent cars to get added into Ratan Tata’s collection was a Tata Nano electric. The car was never produced by Tata officially but, it was gifted to him by the electric vehicles powertrain solutions company Electra EV. Here we have a video where Ratan Tata is seen arriving at Taj Mahal hotel in Mumbai in his Tata Nano EV.


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The video has been shared by Viralbhayani on their Instagram page. In this short video, Ratan Tata was seen arriving at the Taj Hotel in a white-coloured Tata Nano Electric. Mr. Ratan Tata was sitting in the co-driver seat and his young personal assistant Shantanu Naidu was driving the car. Ratan Tata does have a decent collection of expensive cars in his garage but, for some reason he chose to use the Nano Electric. We have seen videos of many businessmen and politicians in India were they are seen travelling in a convoy with security personnel. Ratan Tata and his Tata Nano electric were seen in this video without any security personnel around him.

This video actually shows how simple and modest, Ratan Tata actually is. The comment section of the video shows how much people love him. Tata Nano seen here in the video as mentioned above was gifted to him by Electra EV which is a leading company in electric vehicles powertrain solutions. The EV is based on a regular Tata Nano and it was gifted to him so that they can get his feedback on the product. The Nano electric looks just like the regular Nano hatchback. Electra EV has used a 72V architecture for the custom-built Nano EV.The Tata Nano EV is expected to have a driving range of 160 kms and it can do 0-60 kmph is just under 10 seconds.

Ratan Tata arrives at Taj Mahal hotel in his custom-built Nano electric car: Caught on video
Ratan Tata & his Nano EV

This is not the first time, Tata Nano has been converted into an electric car. Coimbatore-based Jayem Automotive who had built the  Tiago JTP and Tigor JTP had built an electric version of Tata Nano for fleet buyers. The car was called Jayem Neo and couple of videos of the same are available online. Tata Nano was actually the brainchild of Mr. Ratan Tata and was launched with a vision to make cars accessible to everyone in the country. However, wrong marketing strategy the product failed in the market. In India it was marketed as the cheapest car in the country or the world. It was a perfect city car that be easily driven through tight spaces. Tata Nano can actually be a good option as city EV. There are several rumours that suggest Tata is working on Nano EV however, they have not confirmed anything yet.