REAL reasons why everyone is buying Royal Enfield motorcycles

REAL reasons why everyone is buying Royal Enfield motorcycles

Even though the Royal Enfield brand is criticized by many for its quality, the sales figure show a different story. Royal Enfield is the undisputed leader 350cc-500cc segment in India and every motorcycle in its range comes with a long waiting period. What is it about Royal Enfield that attracts the buyers? We tell you the real reasons.

Rich heritage

The Royal Enfield brand has been around for ages now. It is the oldest surviving motorcycle brand in India as well as worldwide, and has a fair share of history. Over the long time of its existence, the Royal Enfield lovers have increased due to its unique styling and attributes.

In modern times, it has become a cult brand with a huge number of biking enthusiasts supporting and using it. The cult following and the heritage of the brand has helped it to gain many new customers.


Many may see Royal Enfield as an obsolete brand with backward thinking but they have launched revolutionary products in the market. Apart from the Bullet, Classic and Thunderbird, they launched products like the Continental GT and the Himalayan.

The Continental GT is the most affordable Cafe Racer in India and its unique styling caught a lot of eyes. The Himalayan, on the other hand, became the cheapest adventure motorcycle available in India. Such segment starters have helped Royal Enfield to maintain a high market share.

Something for everyone

Royal Enfield has a vibrant model line-up. Everyone can find something interesting in Royal Enfield’s stable. For people who love retro design, there is Bullet. If someone is looking for neo-retro motorcycles, the Classic twins will fulfil the need. There is also a cruiser in the form of Thunderbird for people who want to spend their majority of time on the highway.

Royal Enfield also offers the Himalayan, the only ADV in India with an affordable price. Then there is Continental GT, which is the cheapest Cafe Racer in India (not considering the Splendor Pro Classic). Soon, the Interceptor and the Continental GT 650 will be launched that will cater to the premium motorcycle enthusiasts and will further broaden the Royal Enfield’s range.

They have become modern

The Royal Enfield motorcycles have gained a touch of modernity without losing the old school design. The AVL engines have given way to the Unit Construction Engines (UCE), which are much more reliable and advanced. Yes, the motorcycles still face breakdowns but the number of breakdowns has come down massively with the introduction of the new engines. The Chennai factories of the company has also incorporated modern robotic arms and state-of-art technology to build the motorcycles.

Easier to ride

All the motorcycles in the line-up feature electric start, making them hassle-free. The older cast iron models had the gear shifter on the right-hand side of the motorcycle and the brake lever on the left-hand side, keeping many buyers away.

Modern Royal Enfields have the gear lever and the brake lever at conventional positions making the riders much more confident. Royal Enfield has also started offering disc brakes, but ABS is still absent. Disc brakes are much better when it comes to braking than the older drum brakes.

Gone are the days of leaky engines

Royal Enfield motorcycles are known to mark their territories. Well, they still do but very subtly. The older cast iron and AVL engines used to the very problematic and one had to travel with a whole toolkit but modern REs have become reliable than before, which gives a lot of confidence to the buyers.

Young enthusiasts

Many of the young riders have grown seeing the thumping Royal Enfields on the road. Again, its unique looks and the thumping sound of the motorcycles leave a lasting impression on one’s mind. The Royal Enfield has gained an iconic status and it is the only iconic motorcycle most of the enthusiasts can buy.