Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

Royal Enfield has emerged as a very successful motorcycle manufacturer in India in recent times. The Royal Enfield Classic is one of the most selling motorcycles in the premium segment in India. And guess what? The Royal Enfield Classic even outsells the mighty Bajaj Pulsar brand. To illustrate, Bajaj sold 36,465 units of the Pulsar in January 2017 whereas Royal Enfield sold 41,411 units of the Classic. Here are the real reasons why everyone is buying the Royal Enfield Classic.

Modern Royal Enfields are way more reliable

Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

Royal Enfield motorcycles used to carry the stigma of being unreliable, but the modern Royal Enfields have changed a lot. The new age RE motorcycles roll out of a world class manufacturing facility in Chennai making sure of the quality. The new Classic models are powered Unit Construction Engines (UCE), which are way more advanced than the older cast iron AVL engines.

The newer breed of the RE motorcycles are easier to maintain, and the Classic series get a service period of 3,000 km. Royal Enfield also shows increased confidence in their products now, and the UCE powered Classic gets a warranty of 24 months of 24,000 km. All these factors make the newer RE motorcycles at par with their counterparts.

Finally, gear shifter and brake lever on the ‘right’ side

Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

We all remember the older cast iron Royal Enfields which had gear shifters on the right-hand side of the motorcycle. The unconventional location of the gear lever and the brake lever kept many customers away from the motorcycle. Finally, with time, Royal Enfield has corrected the position of the two most important levers in the motorcycle. Doing this has attracted a lot of buyers who ride other motorcycles, and the stereotypical positioning of the levers make it easier to ride.

Decent mileage despite the big engine and the Enfield ‘thump.’

The smallest Royal Enfield Classic has an engine capacity of 346cc. Despite the big engine and the heavy built up, the motorcycle has an ARAI certified mileage of 37 km/l, which is decent. Even the Classic 500 returns a maximum mileage of 33 km/l. The mileage has improved significantly from the older Royal Enfield models, and yet the signature Bullet “thump” is still present. It makes for a win-win situation for the customers.

Easy to ride and maintain, unlike older REs

Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

Owning a Royal Enfield in the earlier times needed special skills. Even to start an RE in the earlier times required patience and right knowledge. The modern RE motorcycles have become a lot easier to ride, own and maintain. All the new RE bikes now come with an electric starter, that can start the heavy duty engine without a sweat.

Also, the new UCE engine gets hydraulic tappets that do not require the rider to carry a whole set of tools. The oil leakage in the modern REs has also become very limited due to the new Unit Construction Engines. Royal Enfield has also added safety features like disc brakes to the new Enfield making the rider much more confident while on the road.

Gorgeous design = great street presence

Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

It does not matter how old an RE gets; the motorcycle never fails to attract eyes from every corner of the streets. Royal Enfield motorcycles, especially the Classic carry a timeless design that keeps it fresh even after years. The RE design stays fresh even after many years, unlike the modern motorcycles that look outdated after 3-5 years of launch.

While other manufacturers introduce facelifts to keep up on the market, Royal Enfield motorcycles will remain timeless even after a couple of decades in the market. It can be ascertained by the fact that new Classic design stayed the same since last seven years and the motorcycle is still selling like hot cakes in the market.

The Cult status!

Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

There is no doubt in the fact that Royal Enfield motorcycles have a cult following. The RE bikes have been present for a long time in India. The unique shape and the sound they make leaves a lasting impression on the onlookers. Many of us have grown seeing and hearing the thumping motorcycles on the road.

Now that the RE bikes have become much more reliable, modern and come with new features like disc brakes, people are investing money into the ride they have seen while growing up! These factors make the RE Classic an attractive choice over other premium commuter segment motorcycles.


Real reasons why everyone’s buying the Royal Enfield Classic

Now everyone loves to have a unique ride. There are a numerous number of customisation houses that work exclusively on Royal Enfield motorcycles. Royal Enfield motorcycles are one of the most modified motorcycles on the Indian roads.

If you have imagination, any good modder can put it to work. Few design houses like Vardenchi have become the world famous for their designs based on the Royal Enfield motorcycles. No other bike offers such customisation level in India.