Real Story Behind Driverless Mahindra Roaming Bengaluru Streets [Video]

Driverless Marazzo

Lately, a video of a Mahindra Marazzo MPV circulating in Bengaluru city with a poster that reads “No Driver” has gone viral. Initially, it was thought to be part of a tech project by a company or an individual. Several startups in India are working on driverless car technology. However, this case is different. It is not a driverless car but a car with a driver sitting in the co-passenger seat.

The video of this “driverless” Mahindra Marazzo MPV was shared by Malayalis Bangalore on their Instagram page. In this video, the MPV, with its hazard lights on, is slowly moving through the busy streets of Bengaluru. The car displays several messages, including one that says, “Caution! No Driver.”

What is happening here?

When we first saw this video, we were impressed. However, when we realized what was happening, we decided not to support it anymore. The person sitting in the Marazzo MPV is actually 6 feet 3 inches tall. He is so tall that he can control the clutch, brakes, and accelerator by sitting in the co-driver seat. This is extremely dangerous.

Real Story Behind Driverless Mahindra Roaming Bengaluru Streets [Video]
Faran controlling Marazzo from co-passenger seat

The person in the car is Faran, a resident of JP Nagar. He has been performing such dangerous stunts on public roads for years. He has been driving the car from the co-driver seat for the last ten years. Reports mention that Faran not only controls the brake, accelerator, and clutch levers with his feet but also uses the same feet to control the steering wheel.

If you look carefully, the car doesn’t have any sensors or radars installed on the roof. This is not an autonomous vehicle but a publicity stunt. The driver is only trying to attract attention from other road users and go viral on the internet. He has pasted several social media posters and messages to create awareness among people in society.

The irony is that he is trying to educate people or create awareness by doing a stunt that is extremely dangerous. While we understand that Faran is extremely tall, this doesn’t give him the permission or right to drive a vehicle in this manner. It is extremely irresponsible behavior.

Real Story Behind Driverless Mahindra Roaming Bengaluru Streets [Video]
Faran Controlling Accelerator, Brake Clutch using one leg

Extremely Dangerous

While Faran claims to have full control over the vehicle, we all know that it is not true. In case of an emergency, the driver won’t be able to handle the vehicle or even slow down or come to a stop. This could lead to an accident. The driver is not only putting his own life at risk but also the lives of other innocent road users.

Faran has been driving the car inside the city for the last four to five days and plans to expand his circle and drive around the city. We really hope that the concerned authorities and Bengaluru Traffic Police come across this video and take necessary action against the driver. It is extremely irresponsible behavior and a foolish act by all means. Police should take necessary action and ensure that Faran doesn’t repeat this act again on public road.