Real vs Fake Lamborghini Aventador compared

There is a fan base of almost all the high-end performance cars around the world. Be it a Lamborghini Gallardo or a Ferrari California. You will find someone who considers these vehicles as their dream cars. However, most people cannot afford these high-performance cars. Some enthusiasts resort to making affordable replicas of these vehicles at home at the fraction of the cost. But how do these replica vehicles do in comparison to the real deal? Well, here is a real Lamborghini Aventador Vs homemade Lamborghini Aventador.

The fake Lamborghini Aventador is made by ILYA STREKAL in Russia. They sourced different parts from different places to come up with the Aventador. In fact, the mesh grille on the front and rear bumpers are from the real Lamborghini they are comparing the vehicle with.

First off, they take the cars for a drive around the city and instantly feel the difference. The real Aventador sounds different, is extremely powerful and has much more braking force. Lamborghini uses carbon-ceramic brakes on the Lamborghini Aventador and the owner claims that if the driver puts more pressure on the brake pedal, the car literally stops within a few feet.

After taking both real and fake Lamborghini cars around the town, they do a visual comparison of both the vehicles too.

Both Lamborghinis look 95% similar

Real vs Fake Lamborghini Aventador compared

The video shows both the Lamborghini Aventador sportscars side by side. Both the cars look very similar to each other and if someone has not spotted a real Lamborghini ever, the fake is good enough to pass on as a real one.

There are quality issues as expected. Like the door of the fake Lamborghini has a lot of play when it is opened. Also, the makers of the fake Lamborghini did put a lot of attention to the details like the headlamps, rake of the window glass, size of the three-quarter glass, door handles, logo and other parts. But small things like a missing headlamp washer and panel gaps are very common.

Real or fake?

Such replica models are quite popular in India as well. There are numerous replica Ferraris and Lamborghinis doing rounds on the Indian roads but they are not legal. In India, such vehicles are not allowed on public roads and can be seized.

In many foreign markets, such as cars are very popular and there are also kit cars that are replicas of iconic models like the Ford GT40 and Shelby Mustang. However, there is no such culture in India. While many prefer owning replica models, they can cost a lot depending on the quality.

Most others, however, prefer spending on buying low-budget high-performance cars instead of buying replicas. Which one of these are you?