Install rear AC vents for just Rs. 80: Beat the heat [Video]

India faces scorching summers in which air conditioning becomes very necessary if you are travelling in a four-wheeler. If you are travelling for long distances you would need to use air conditioning to remain cool and drive with a calm mind. However, rear occupants do not have their own ac vents which means it takes more time to chill the rear portion of the vehicle. Still many vehicles in India do not come with rear AC vents in India. Here, is a video uploaded by EASY LIFE IDEAS that shows how to install DIY rear AC vents for just Rs. 80 in your car.


The video starts by showing the working rear AC vents. The host first opens up the central tunnel by removing four screws. The screw placement will be different for every vehicle. Once done, the central console can be lifted up easily. The person disassembles the rest of the central console.

He makes a hole in the rear portion of the central console with a drill machine. Then he glues down a flexible drain pipe in the hole. The pipe will sit under the central console so that it is not visible. The pipe is routed through the side of the handbrake and the gear lever to the front side of the central console.

Install rear AC vents for just Rs. 80: Beat the heat [Video]


The other end of the pipe is then attached to the air conditioning vent placed below the dashboard. Usually, this air conditioning vent is used to direct air to the front occupant’s legs. However, in this case, that event is being used to channel air to the rear of the cabin. So, now when you choose your air-con setting to up and down, the AC will start blowing air to only the rear occupants. It might sound easy but opening up the central console could be a bit tricky on modern cars. This trick was done on a Maruti Suzuki WagonR so it is not a guarantee that this trick will be applicable to your vehicle also.

There are some things that you might think of before doing this modification:-

  • The area under the transmission tunnel can get quite hot so there are chances that the drain pipe melts because it is not made up of thick plastic.
  • If the pipes starts leaking then the cold air will be directed on to the gear lever which might damage the transmission.
  • These types of modifications might end up voiding your warranty and you can face issues later on when you go for service.
  • The pipe should be properly routed through the central console or it might interfere with the internals.
  • The air that is routed to the back will not be as cold as it will be in the front because while it travels towards the rear, the air will warm up.
  • Remember, that you are using the air duct that is used to cool down front occupants legs so he/she won’t be getting any cold air.
  • Because all of this is an afterthought, there is a high chance that after a while the system will end up rattling.