Careless Biker Sent Flying After Crashing Into Maruti Swift: Caught On Dashcam

careless biker maruti swift crash

While driving on Indian roads, one is likely to face several instances that require hard braking. In most cases, this is done to avoid an accident. Here, we have a video where a Maruti Swift driver, who applied brakes to avoid a crash, was rear-ended by a biker riding too close to the car. The video of the whole incident is now available on the internet.

The video has been shared by Prateek Singh on his YouTube channel. It was shared with him by one of his subscribers. The vlogger mentions that the accident took place in Punjab. The accident was captured on the rear dash camera of a Tata Harrier SUV that was in front of the Swift. We see the Tata Harrier and other vehicles being driven at a speed of 70-80 kmph on a two-lane highway.

As the SUV approaches a small curve, the Harrier driver spots a state transport corporation bus coming from the opposite direction. The Harrier driver applies brakes to avoid a crash, as the bus driver seems to have no intention of slowing down. The bus driver was not only driving fast, but was also overtaking a two-wheeler rider in front of him.

Just as the Harrier slowed down, the Maruti Swift driver, who was behind the Harrier, also managed to slow down in time. If you look at the rear camera footage, you can see two bikers behind the Swift.

One of them is riding pretty fast and is very close to the Swift. When the Swift driver applied brakes, the biker probably lost control or was not paying attention to the road.

Careless Biker Sent Flying After Crashing Into Maruti Swift: Caught On Dashcam
Biker rear-ended Swift

The bike, which looks like a Hero Splendor, crashes into the rear of the Maruti Swift. The impact was so big that the biker was thrown away from the bike. The bike went airborne and flipped a couple of times mid-air before landing on the road. The rear bumper of the Swift was damaged. It is not clear whether the rear windscreen of the car was damaged or not.

One big reason behind this crash was nothing but reckless driving by the bus driver. The Tata Harrier driver and the Swift driver were in their respective lanes. It was the bus driver who decided to overtake the biker on a curve, which is a dangerous thing to do.

Had the Harrier driver not applied brakes, the bus would have crashed into the SUV and taken the Swift with it. The Swift and Harrier had enough gap between them, and both drivers did manage to slow down in time.

The biker is also at fault here. While the footage is not very clear, it seems like the biker was not wearing a helmet. The video mentions that the biker survived the accident with only minor injuries. The biker should have maintained a safe distance from the Swift in front, as the braking on the bike is not as good as the cars’. The video shows why one must always be alert on the road and why one should not ride rashly on public roads.