Maruti Ritz Driver Deliberately Blocks Bus: Gets Rear-Ended [Video]

bus rear-ends Ritz

We’ve encountered several incidents in the past where reckless driving and other irresponsible behavior have caused accidents. There is also a tendency among many drivers to perform brake checks while they are in front of heavy vehicles. This is not a good tendency, and often causes accidents. Here we have one such case from Kerala, where a Maruti Ritz driver deliberately drives slowly, brake-checks, and blocks the way of a bus, resulting in a rear-end collision.


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The video has been shared by Carman on their Instagram page. The accident happened somewhere in Kerala. Most private buses in Kerala now have dash cameras for safety purposes. The accident was captured on one such camera installed on the bus.

We can see a busy two-lane highway in the video. Highway widening work is currently ongoing in most parts of Kerala. This affects the flow of traffic and often creates traffic jams too.

The bus was slowly moving through the busy road when we see a Maruti Ritz overtaking the bus from the right side. The car driver cuts right in front of the bus, leaving the bus driver no option but to apply brakes and slow down. The Ritz driver then starts gesticulating to the bus driver, provoking him.

The bus driver slowly starts moving the bus forward while maintaining a reasonable distance from the car. The car driver once again applies the brakes and forces the bus driver to slow down or apply brakes. This was creating problems for the passengers in the bus, and even they were looking angrily at the car driver.

Maruti Ritz Driver Deliberately Blocks Bus: Gets Rear-Ended [Video]
bus rear-ends Ritz

The Ritz once again moved forward, and just before a diversion, the driver stopped. The bus that was just behind the car didn’t have enough time to slow down, and it simply crashed into the rear of the car.

The rear windshield, bumper, and tailgate of the car were damaged. Surprisingly, the staff on the bus did not respond in this case. Some of the passengers got out and started having an argument with the car driver.

When the car driver argued that it was the bus driver’s fault, they pointed at the dash camera installed in the bus. The car driver’s facial expressions changed after he saw the camera. He was probably not expecting such a twist and was likely planning to put all the blame on the bus driver. It is not clear whether the cops were called to the spot or not.

In this case, the car driver was clearly at fault. He was actually being irresponsible by blocking the way of the bus and making them slow down. Driving a heavy vehicle like a bus in this case is an extremely difficult task. Unlike a car, the bus is unable to accelerate or slow down quickly. This is due to the overall weight and dimensions.

Anyone driving on the road should always maintain a safe distance from such heavy vehicles and never perform brake checks in front of them. The chances of losing control over the vehicle are pretty high. If something like that had happened, the car driver would have not only put his own life at risk but also the lives of other people (passengers on the bus) at risk.