Rashly Driven Innova Crashes Into 5 Vehicles While Overtaking [Video]

Innova crashed

Driving on Indian roads is nothing short of a huge task. We have come across several instances where people have found themselves involved in accidents not because of their fault but because of other road users. Here we have one such video, showing a reckless driver in a Toyota Innova losing control and crashing into five other vehicles while trying to overtake.

The video has been shared by MediaOne Live TV on their YouTube channel. It was recorded by a CCTV camera installed on a roadside pole. The video shows a narrow road with decent traffic, including an autorickshaw and a sedan approaching the camera, with other vehicles moving in the opposite direction.

A few seconds into the video, we see a Toyota Innova overtaking the sedan at high speed. The Innova driver rubs against the sedan while trying to overtake and immediately loses control. The Innova and the sedan both hit the autorickshaw in front, pushing it off the road.

The Innova driver steers the car away from his lane to avoid the crash, but fails to notice a WagonR and a Kia Seltos SUV coming from the opposite direction. Even if he had noticed these vehicles, there was nothing he could have done to avoid the crash. The Innova rubs against the rear door of the WagonR and then collides head-on with the Kia Seltos.

After hitting the Kia Seltos, the Innova crashes into the pole on which the CCTV camera was installed. The pole falls down, and the car falls onto a service road. In the video, we can see the Innova lying on its side on the side road, with significant damage to its front from the collision with the Seltos. The Seltos is also badly damaged. However, all other vehicles involved in the crash seem to have only minor damages.

Rashly Driven Innova Crashes Into 5 Vehicles While Overtaking [Video]
Innova crashed

The exact reason why the Innova driver was in a hurry or driving recklessly is not known. It is unclear whether there were five vehicles involved in this crash or if the Innova crashed into five vehicles.

It seems that all the occupants in the Innova survived the crash with minor injuries. It is also not clear whether this was a case of driving under the influence or if the driver simply lost control while overtaking at high speed.

This accident could have been easily avoided if the Toyota Innova driver had been more careful. The Innova driver is the only person to be blamed here. If he had been driving at a reasonable speed or following the speed limits inside the city, he could have easily avoided this crash. We really hope all the occupants in the cars and the autorickshaw involved in this crash have escaped without any major injuries.

This is not the first time we have come across a case like this. The video shows why it is important to be patient while driving on Indian roads. This is not just the case with car drivers. We have also come across a video where two bikers crashed into each other while riding on a hilly road. Additionally, a biker crashed into a Skoda Kushaq recently while it was taking a U-turn.