Exclusive: Pune-based Reddy Customs launches super luxurious lounge kit for Kia Carnival, Toyota Alphard & more [Video]

If you have been following us for a long time, you will know about Reddy Customs and the super luxurious vanity van that they made for Allu Arjun. Based in Pune, Maharashtra, Reddy Customs have now come up with a unique bolt-on kit that will transform your MPV into a luxurious space! Here is the video that shows all the details about the add-ons and features that you get with the bolt-on kit.

The primary idea behind this bolt-in kit as per Reddy Customs is to change the market. Currently, the luxury segment is all about hidden costs and most customisation garages and even manufacturers do not reveal the exact prices. Reddy Customers is trying to create a change by reaching out to the customers directly and keeping the pricing transparent. Before we list down the details, the price of such kind of transformation will cost you Rs 9.9 lakhs (not including the cost of the vehicle).

The immaculate job that you see here is done with the help of bolt-on kits. These kits can be installed in Kia Carnival, Toyota Vellfire or Alphard and even the Toyota Hiace. Since these are bolt-on kits, these are not permanent and do not require any modification to the vehicle itself, these can be removed when needed.

The kits have been designed to provide contactless driver’s cabin, which is something that many would want after the COVID-19. You get fully powered recliner seats with calf support for comfort and automated pop-up seats on the partition.

There are a lot of features all around with these kits. However, the major additions are fully-powered recliner seats with retractable support for the calves. Also, there are electrically-powered pop-up seats that can appear if you require extra seats in the car. Also, the vehicle comes with electrically-powered folding tables with a minibar that can keep your drinks chilled while you’re on the go. That’s not all, there is a massive 42-inch entertainment screen with Apple TV that can support 4K streaming.

The cabin also gets soft roof light that and ambient lighting option. Also, you will see the use of a lot of wooden panels all around the cabin that adds a feel of luxury. Also, there are multiple wireless car chargers all around the vehicle that can be used to charge your compatible phones without a wire.

For such kinds of transformation jobs, it takes about a month or so depending on the vehicle. Also, if you want additional features or want changes, you can get that too. For more information and details, please contact Reddy Customs directly by clicking here.