10 regular Indian cars modified into beautiful convertibles

Currently, India does not have any cabriolet which can be bought by middle-class people. As always, needy people find their way around the things. Here are few examples of regular Indian cars turned into beautiful convertibles.

Maruti 800

Maruti 800

Maruti 800 can be termed as the most loved car in India. The car went out of the production in 2014. Yet, many people have clung on their beloved 800. Here is an example of beautifully retro-modified 800 that has been transformed into a convertible by JS Design.

The 800 gets a complete overhaul regarding looks. It now gets flared wheel arches, side skirts, alloy wheels with black treatment, tail lamp unit from Chevrolet Spark and a luggage rack on the boot. The car gets dual exhaust tips on the rear and a soft cover whenever the occupants need some privacy. It also comes with striking yellow body colour and interior theme, making it a hard to miss the car on the road.

Maruti 800_1

Maruti 1000


The Maruti 1000 was the first sedan from the brand in India which was later replaced by the Esteem. The 1000 convertible is a perfect example of how to keep the car simple yet very desirable. All the original parts of the car have been retained to make it easier for maintenance.

As removing the roof hampers the stability of the vehicle, additional reinforcements have been added to the body. This two-door convertible Maruti 1000 will give you major car goals in life.


Hindustan Contessa


Contessa was undoubtedly one of the best-looking cars in its time. Even now, a well maintained Contessa can give a complexion to the modern cars. If only Hindustan Motors had designed a convertible based on it, Indian market would have achieved far more regarding design.

Here is an example of Contessa with an open roof. The car has been painted in vibrant yellow colour while the grille and the headlamp outline gets black paint. With the new alloys, the car truly looks like it is ready to own the road.


Maruti Omni

Maruti Omni_1

The popular van of Indian market has been around for a long time. People do not call it a beautiful vehicle. This custom built buggy based on the Omni makes it totally unrecognisable but also takes its visual aspect to a much higher level. The body is made up of 18 gauge sheet metal that has been reformed in a vintage design.

Maruti Omni

The car gets a flowing, long curvy bonnet but the engine is in its original position, which is under the front seats. The buggy gets beautiful 5-spoke alloy wheels with 175/75 profile tyres. The engine remains the same 796cc, 3-cylinder petrol unit that churns out 33 BHP-57 Nm.

Premier Padmini


The Premier Padmini was a good looking sedan in its time. The Padmini stormed the rallies, carried passengers as a taxi and also became one of the most desired family cars. Till date, many owners have groomed their Padmini’s for the modern world. Here is an example of beautifully modified Premier Padmini that has been transformed into a convertible.


The car still keeps the Fiat logos and gets a new purple shade on the exterior, while the interiors have been adorned in a light brown shade. There is no retractable roof for the rainy days but the car sure promises to turn heads around wherever it goes.

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