Why are Toyota cars so reliable: Secrets revealed [Video]

When we hear about the brand Toyota, reliability the word that most people relate it with. Toyota is known to build very reliable cars and when compared to other manufacturers, Toyota has somehow perfected the art and is continuing to do so. Toyota did not make there cars by accident but, there has always been a proper plan for everything. In India, we have seen several reports of Toyota Innova, Fortuner and even Qualis with odometer reading going up in lakhs. Those cars are still running around without any major issues. So what is actually the secret behind the reliability of Toyota cars and SUVs? we explain.

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Secret 1: Jidoka

Jidoka is a Japanese word and it roughly translates to ‘automation with a human touch’. Most car manufacturers around the world have shifted or are shifting to fully automated process for manufacturing vehicles and engines. Many of them have been using robotic arms to assemble the cars. In Toyota however things are slightly different. They still start building the car by hands. Engineers build every vehicle by hand until it meets the benchmark set by Toyota. As they build cars by hand, the engineers are aware about every piece that goes into the vehicle. It would only be transferred to the automated process after everything is found to be perfect.

Why are Toyota cars so reliable: Secrets revealed [Video]

This is one of the reason why Toyota does not offer a variety of engine and transmission options and many products even share common parts. This is because, the parts have been thoroughly tested and the chances of them going bad are very less. The parts that are common in many products are usually made from high quality material. This means the cars can run for a long period of time without any major issues.

Secret 2: Kaizen

Why are Toyota cars so reliable: Secrets revealed [Video]

Kaizen is a Japanese word that means ‘change for the better’. This philosophy allows you to slow down the process if it makes the product better. Kaizen allows Toyota employees to stop production if there is an issue or a suggestion to make product better. Using this method, Toyota can actually find issues in their product, even before it hits the market. Usually, we have seen manufacturers making recalls and changing parts to clear issues in their models that are already in the market. But in Toyota they rectify the problem even before it is launched.

Secret 3: Overengineering and Function over form

Why are Toyota cars so reliable: Secrets revealed [Video]

Third secret is that Toyota does not believe in gimmicks in their product. The reason behind this is that gimmicks can fail and that would affect the overall image of the brand. Toyoata vehicles are over engineered in such a manner that they last longer. If you compare Toyota engines with its rivals, you would notice that they do not rev very high. That is because, they are engineered in such a manner that too much stress is not put on the engine. This helps in extending the life of the engine.