‘Remote’ security device for your motorcycle lets you even start/stop it remotely: Priced at just Rs. 1,675 [Video]

If you own an expensive two-wheeler and are head over heels in love with your machine, chances are you always feel a bit unsafe parking it in open or in low-security areas. This is something that every enthusiast must have experienced as there are several situations where we have to park our bike/scooter at an unsafe place. In such condition, the mind keeps going over to the bike until the time we get back to it. If you have a similar story, then check out this security system from Roots that will fit all motorcycles and scooters. This multifunction system can be had for just about Rs. 1,675 which makes it light on the pocket too. Check out the video below to see how it works.

As seen in the video, the handheld remote device gives you control over your set of wheels and can easily prevent any attempt of theft. In the video, we see the stylish remote which can be attached to the bike’s key. A Hero Glamour motorcycle has been used here to demonstrate the working of this security system. Sliding the front panel of the remote reveals several buttons and an LED light. These buttons can be used for arming and disarming the anti-theft feature. When the anti-theft feature is activated, the two-wheeler starts making a loud noise upon being manhandled.


Another interesting feature of this system is that the remote can be used for turning the ignition on and off. Imagine walking towards your bike to see it all set and running to take you for a ride, absolute bliss we say. The remote has a range of around 100 meters which is decent enough. Other features of this security system include two level arming, vehicle finder, key insert/ignition on alarm, arm reminder, vehicle immobilization, over take cautioning and level built-in shock sensors.

‘Remote’ security device for your motorcycle lets you even start/stop it remotely: Priced at just Rs. 1,675 [Video]


It can also auto lock the vehicle and the remote is spray proof which means it can withstand rain and other such conditions. It comes with a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase. Shipping for this product can be done across the country and it will be delivered in 3 working days from the date of order. For ordering, you can message THROTTLERZ PITSTOP on Instagram or drop a message on WhatsApp too (WhatsApp number 9159433122).