Renault all-new Kaptur coming to India

After the successful run with the Kwid in India, the Renault is now looking to launch an all-new car in India. The Kaptur will be the biggest Renault car in India and the French company has been exploring the possibilities of launching the vehicle in India since a long time. The company has now started testing the vehicle in India.

What is it?

Renault all-new Kaptur coming to India

The car codenamed HHA, the Captur, which is called Kaptur in the Russia is already on sale in Russia and Brasil market. The Kaptur has developed specifically by Renault for the developing markets like India. It will be Kaptur’s first ever Right Hand Drive market. The Kaptur is sold as the premium alternative to the Duster. It is about 18mm longer than the Duster but the width is shorter by 9mm and the height is less by 12mm. The wheelbase is 2,674mm, which is similar to the Duster’s wheelbase. The Kaptur gets 387-litres of boot volume. The car also gets 60:40 split seats in the rear, which can increase the space up to 1,200 litres.


The car will be powered by the similar 1.5-litre dCi 4-cylinder diesel engine that will get 109 BHP of maximum power and 245 Nm of maximum torque. The engine gets 6-speed manual transmission. Renault may also offer its high-end EDC or Efficient Dual Clutch transmission with the car instead of the low-cost Easy-R transmission that is placed in the Duster. The top end variants will also get All Wheel Drive system.

Renault may also bring in their 1.6-litre SCe, 4-cylinder petrol engine, which also goes into the Duster. The power will be bumped up to make sure that the Kaptur targets more premium customers. Renault will locally produce the car at Oragadam plant near Chennai to keep the cost very affordable. The new car will take on the likes of Mahindra XUV 500 and upcoming Jeep Compass in India.

Image Source: IAB

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