Renault Captur: New ad starring Ranbir Kapoor shows another side of the Hyundai Creta-rivaling SUV

Renault has just released a new ad for the flagship Captur, starring its Indian brand ambassador Ranbir Kapoor. So far, Renault has been emphasizing the design and premiumness of the Captur, and this changes with the latest ad that shows the Captur being driven aggressively off the road. Don’t let that fool you into thinking that the Captur is an off roader. While the SUV is more than capable of handling the occasional jaunt into gravel or slightly slippery surfaces thanks to its high ground clearance and excellent ride quality, it’s not really meant to be taken to anything more than the easiest off road trails thanks to its front wheel drive layout.

The Captur, which shares its mechanicals with the Duster compact SUV, has ready access to the Haldex all wheel drive layout that’s offered on the latter. For Renault India, it’s simply the matter of transplanting the Duster AWD’s mechanicals to the Captur considering the fact that both SUVs share the B0 platform and mechanicals.

That would make the Captur a lot more capable off the road, and perhaps even boost sales of the vehicle as there are not many all wheel driven, relatively affordable compact SUVs for car buyers in India. But will Renault do it? Well, time will tell. In the coming months, automatic variants of the Captur are likely to be launched in India. Maybe an all wheel drive variant can be slipped in to differentiate the SUV from the Hyundai Creta.

For now, the Captur is a slow seller for the brand and needs all the help it can for a solid sales boost. The SUV, which competes with the Hyundai Creta, is sold with two engine options – a 1.5-litre petrol engine with 105 Bhp and 142 Nm, and a 1.5-litre diesel engine with 108 Bhp and 240 Nm. Both engines get manual gearboxes, with the petrol using a 5-speed unit while the diesel has a 6 speeder.

All variants of the Captur are front-wheel driven. The SUV has much better quality interiors than the Duster, and has a more premium feel. An outstanding thing about the Captur is its brilliant ride quality. Prices start from Rs. 10 lakhs, making the Captur more expensive than the best selling Hyundai Creta.