Renault Duster 4X4 SUV “Gang of Dusters” Preview on 15th August

This Independence Day, Renault India will showcase the Duster 4X4 to “Gang of Duster” members at Lavasa City, off Pune. The Duster 4X4 is due for a launch, as early as September, and the special preview of the SUV is a part of the promotional strategy for the vehicle. The Duster 4X4 is expected to be positioned at the very top of the SUV line up, as an addition to the 110 PS RxZ variant that uses the 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel engine in 108 Bhp-248 Nm state of tune. Expect the Duster 4X4 RxZ to be priced close to the 13 lakh rupees mark, ex-showroom Delhi. The Duster’s 4X4 mechanism will operate in lock, auto, 4X4 High and front wheel drive modes.

Notably, Renault India has been conducting off road excursions and cross country expeditions under the Gang of Dusters label, which brings together Duster SUV owners under a common platform, for common activities. The arrival of the Duster 4X4 is expected to give the Gang of Dusters program a shot in the arm, as the SUV, in 4X4 guise, will be more capable of tackling difficult terrain. The Duster’s high ground clearance, 4X4 function and refined manners, both on and off the road, make it an ideal vehicle for cross country jaunts.

Renault seems intent on developing the Gang of Dusters initiative on similar lines to Mahindra’s Adventure division, which also organizes regular cross country drives. Apart from serving as brand builders, these manufacturer backed initiatives also foster a sense of camaraderie among fellow owners of a certain brand of vehicles. Such manufacturer backed activities have been on the rise in India, as the car buyer here seeks a richer, more fulfilling experience from her or his automobile. Cars, scooters and motorcycles – as a lifestyle – are finally making their mark in the country.