Renault Duster CVT launched

The Duster has been fairly successful for Renault. It was their first success story in the county. The company has been updating the Duster often, ever since it was launched. Last year we got the facelift and now we are getting an all-new petrol engine with a CVT.

Power up?

Renault Duster CVT launched

Renault offered a petrol Duster previously, however it was a 1.6 liter unit. Now, Renault has introduced a new 1.5 liter H4K unit which produces 104.5 Bhp and 143 Nm. This engine can now be had with either a manual transmission or a CVT. For the first time, the Duster can be had with a petrol automatc, and that too a conventional unit. Renault has been offering the Duster with a diesel automatic, however it is an AMT.

The CVT uses the conventional P,R,N,D format and has 6 specific gear ratios, if driven in manual mode. The engine returns 14.99 kmpl.

What else?

The new petrol engine will come in 3 variants, a base RxE, a mid RxL and a top RxS. While the bottom two variants come only with a manual transmission, the top spec RxS comes with the CVT. The new CVT variant gets a black shiny grille as opposed to the chrome one on the diesel.

The top of the line variant is equipped with a lot of safety features. It comes with dual airbags, rear defogger, wiper/wash at the back, ESP and hill start assist. The CVT variant also gets a touch screen system, which is a new addition. However, the variant doesn’t get an automatic climate control.


The base spec RxL is priced at Rs 8.49 lakhs where as the top spec RxS is priced at Rs 10.32 lakhs, ex-showroom Delhi.


The Duster, with the launch of the petrol CVT, now has a complete range to suit everyone’s needs. You can have a petrol or diesel with manual and automatic transmissions, something only the Creta offers. The BR-V has a petrol CVT, however no diesel automatic.