Duster to Micra: Renault, Datsun & Nissan cars with BIG discounts upto Rs. 1.5 lakhs this January

Last year hasn’t been exactly great for Renault-Nissan in India. Apart from the Kwid and Duster, none other model could perform well in terms of sales. The relatively new Captur was an absolute flop show for the French car maker. However, come 2019 and both the manufacturers are buckling up for some new launches as well as a new strategy to gain sales share in India. Also, the alliance is offering pretty decent discounts over its range of cars currently to bring customers towards dealerships. Here are the discounts and offers being given away by Renault, Nissan and Datsun this January.

Renault Discounts

Renault Kwid

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 22,000 + extended 4th and 5th year Warranty

Renault Kwid Exterior 132531 2

If anything has saved the grace of Renault in India, it is the Kwid hatchback.  The smallest car in the company’s product portfolio is also the best seller for Renault. Currently, it is being offered with an exchange offer of Rs. 20,000 along with an extended warranty cover for 3rd and 4th year. There is also a corporate discount on offer, though it is valued at a puny Rs. 2,000. The company will also launch a kwid based MPV this year which has been code named as RBC for now.

Renault Duster

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 40,000

The Renault Duster was once the most popular compact SUV in India. It will soon receive a facelift but before that, the company is offering good discounts worth Rs. 30,000 on the car. The 110 PS 4X2 models are being given away with a Rs. 20,000 cash discount. The AWD variant, on the other hand, gets a free first year insurance apart from the cash discount. Also, there is an additional amount of Rs. 5,,000 being offered on the car as corporate discount.

Renault Lodgy

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 1.50 lakhs

The Renault Lodgy is quite a spacious and comfortable MPV in its segment and faces the Mahindra Marazzo as its main rival. Currently, the company is giving away the Lodgy with massive discounts worth Rs. 1.50 lakhs. This includes a direct Rs.1.50 lakh discount available on the Standard and Rxe variants. Then there’s a free first year insurance along with Rs. 1 lakh cash discount available only with the Stepway model. An additional Rs. 5,000 is also being given away as corporate discount currently.

Renault Captur

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 1.20 lakh

renault captur automatic

The stylish crossover by Renault failed to capture the attention of buyers. However, to attract the customers towards the car,  Renault is currently offering the Captur with discounts worth Rs. 1.20 lakhs this January. The discount offers include a direct cashback valued at Rs. 60,000 along with an exchange bonus of Rs. 60,000. The Kicks is based on the same platform as the Captur and to keep the crossover in competition, its retail price has been dropped by about Rs. 81,000.

Nissan-Datsun Discounts

Datsun RediGo

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 30,000

2018 Datsun Redigo Limited Edition

The smallest car in the Nissan-Datsun lineup, the RediGo, is available with a free 1st-year insurance and a direct cashback of Rs. 7,500 upon purchasing the car. There is also a Rs. 12,000 exchange benefit available on the car. There is also an additional Rs. 3,000 being offered on the car as corporate discount, driving up the total discount value upto 30,000.

Nissan Micra

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 55,000

nissan micra india launch

The Micra is getting big discount upto Rs. 55,00 this January. The discount schemes include a free first-year insurance along with Rs. 12,000 cash discount. There’s a Rs. 15,000 exchange offer available along with Rs. 7,000 extra discount for government employees. However, if you buy the Micra Active variant, which is based on the styling of the older generation model, the cash discount value goes upto Rs. 22,000. However, the rest of the discount scheme remains the same.

Nissan Sunny

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 54,500

The big and spacious sedan from Nissan too is on good discounts this month. The Sunny is currently available with discounts upto 54,500. This discount schemes include a free first-year insurance along with a Rs. 12,500 worth of direct cash discount. There is also an exchange offer valued at Rs. 30,000 upon exchanging your old car. Then there is a special discount for Government employees, valued at Rs. 12,000. Also, if you are looking at finance options, the car is being offered with a 0% interest rate.