“Son of MLA” sticker on Renault Duster causes Speaker to threaten legal action against MLA

Indians love showoff their status on their vehicles. While there are many who write their surnames, caste and other such things on their vehicles, there is a group of car owners who love to write the names of their families on the car. There are many car owners who love to put up their posts on the vehicle’s windshield and number plates. While writing such things on the number plate is illegal, many people use the other available places like the windshield to show their status on the public roads.

BJP MLA Manjinder Singh Sirsa recently tweeted a picture of a Renault Duster with the message “SON OF MLA” written in bold letters in the rear windshield. He accused Delhi Assembler Speaker – Ram Niwas Goel for the vehicle and accused that the vehicle belongs to his son. Ram Niwas Goel served a notice to the BJP MLA saying that his tweets are all allegations and the vehicle does not belong to him or his son. Goel has sought a written apology from BJP MLA asking him for a written apology within seven days.

It is a very common occurrence in this part of the country for people to write such things on their vehicles. Many of them also write high post held by them in the government sectors or a high authoritative position in the administration. Many of these cars also use the position held by their family members and friends and display on their vehicles to be more authoritative on the roads. In the past, many vehicles have also been caught for displaying such messages and using fake posts. Many of these vehicles also seek free passage from tolls without showing proper documents and there are many incidents that have happened in the past that turned violent.

Recently, Uttar Pradesh’s Noida Police started a drive against such vehicles and cracked down a large number of vehicles on the roads that display such messages on the vehicle’s rear windshield or the number plate. It should be noted that writing any kind of message on the number plate is illegal in India and the vehicle can get seized for the same. However, the rules are not clear about writing a message on the windshield. In the past, the police and administration have also announced that displaying messages like “Police” on private cars is not allowed and people should not do it.

Writing such texts in big fonts in the vehicle’s rear windshield restricts the view of the vehicle, which can cause accidents. However, there are many who do not pay heed to such safety concerns and continue to block the rearview of the vehicle.