Renault Duster vs Maruti Gypsy & Isuzu V-Cross face-off shows why 4X4 is better than AWD [Video]

The debate between what should you choose – all-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive (or 4×4 as it is more commonly known) – if you want to go off-roading can be finally put to rest with this video from Youtuber Anshuman Bishnoi, which shows three different ‘SUVs’ – a Renault Duster, a Maruti Gypsy and an Isuzu V-Cross pick-up truck – climbing up a steep incline somewhere in Northern India.


The Duster starts off from a long way back accelerating hard to try and gain enough momentum to climb the steep incline. However, despite multiple attempts, the Duster continues to lose grip on its way up the incline and gets stuck. However, both the petrol-powered Gypsy and the Isuzu pick-up truck easily clamber up the hill with ease leaving you wondering why the Renault failed so badly.

The answer is quite simple. The Renault Duster comes with an all-wheel-drive set-up, while the Gypsy and the Isuzu pick-up both feature four-wheel-drive. While a partial all-wheel-drive set-up works fine in enhancing grip on the road and in slippery conditions by sending power and torque to the wheels that are slipping (and need traction), it cannot boost torque if it lacks a low-ratio gearbox.

However, both the Gypsy and the Isuzu feature low-ratio transfer boxes which effectively multiply the torque going to the wheels allowing for more traction which allows the duo to grip onto the ground with all four wheels as the 4×4 system sends torque equally to all four wheels.

Renault Duster vs Maruti Gypsy & Isuzu V-Cross face-off shows why 4X4 is better than AWD [Video]

The Gypsy has two more aces up its sleeve in the form of its mud terrain tyres which greatly improve traction in rough and tumble conditions. Also, the low weight of the Gypsy compared to the Duster means that despite the lower torque output of its petrol engine, it can still easily make its way up the steep incline with the help of the low-ratio gearbox and the 4×4 system.

The Duster’s woes continue as the video continues with more SUVs like the Toyota Fortuner and the Mahindra Scorpio joining the off-roading adventure to show the Renault the advantages of a proper four-wheel drive car with a low-ratio gearbox.