Renault Duster vs Toyota Innova: How they meet different buyer needs

Renault has been having a good run with the Renault Duster, selling over 5000 units a month and creeping up on the sales figures of the Toyota Innova now. However, the Renault Duster and Toyota Innova are two completely different vehicles catering to different needs of a buyer. 

Yet, with rising fuel prices and need for a comfortable vehicle to travel in, the fuel efficient and comfortable Renault Duster may be an option for those looking at a comfortable, fuel efficient vehicle – with space for four and luggage, instead of opting for a Toyota Innova at the same price points.

We’ve had CarToq community members asking about how the Renault Duster compares with the Toyota Innova, and here’s what we think – looking purely at the diesel variants. Also read: Alternatives to the Renault Duster, competition compared

Where the Renault Duster scores

Renault Duster vs Toyota Innova: How they meet different buyer needs

Fuel efficiency

The Renault Duster is more fuel efficient than the Toyota Innova. The 1.5 litre, 110PS-engine Renault Duster has a claimed fuel efficiency of 19 kmpl, while the 85PS variant of the same engine has a 20.45 kmpl claimed mileage. This is quite a bit more when compared to the 13 kmpl claimed fuel efficiency of the Toyota Innova.  Also read: Renault Duster road test and review


The Renault Duster 110 PS, also scores on performance. The 1.5 litre diesel in the top-end Duster puts out 108 bhp of power and 246 Nm of torque, while the 85 PS variant puts out 84 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque. The top-end Duster, with its light kerb weight of 1240 Kg, has a far better power-to-weight ratio than the Toyota Innova, whose 2.5 litre diesel engine puts out 102 bhp of power and 200 Nm of torque, but has to pull a 1670 Kg body. The 85 PS variant of the Duster too is slightly better in terms of performance compared to the Innova.

Rough road ability

The Renault Duster has a ground clearance of 205 mm, with a robust suspension and 16-inch wheels, with a shorter wheelbase than the Toyota Innova. This makes it compact enough and easier to drive over rough roads. The Toyota Innova has a ground clearance of 176 mm, which is decent enough, but with smaller 15-inch wheels.


Variant for variant the Renault Duster would be slightly cheaper than the Toyota Innova, although it offers less car-per-car than the Innova. The Renault Duster is priced between Rs. 7.5 lakh and Rs. 11.6 lakh, while the Toyota Innova starts at Rs. 9.4 lakh and goes up to Rs. 13.3 lakh.  Also read: Renault Duster variants and specifications explained


Where the Toyota Innova scores

Renault Duster vs Toyota Innova: How they meet different buyer needs

Interior space and comfort

The Toyota Innova has the ability to carry seven passengers in comfort, with a lot more legroom than the Renault Duster. The foldable last row also makes it flexible enough to carry more luggage when needed. It makes for an overall more spacious vehicle. The top-end variants of the Toyota Innova also offer individual bucket seats in the middle row, which are really comfortable. Also read: Choosing the best vehicle for cross-country drives under Rs. 12 lakh


The Toyota Innova also has a few more features to offer compared to the Renault Duster. It offers automatic climate control on the top-end variants, as well as features such as a parking camera and touch screen infotainment system. Other features are common to both.

Ride quality

The Renault Duster has a pretty good ride quality, but the Toyota Innova still has an edge here. The Innova has a longer wheel base and softer suspension. So while the Duster offers good ride quality overall, the Innova is more comfortable for passengers compared to the Renault Duster, especially over long trips. Also read: Maruti Ertiga vs Toyota Innova

So depending on your needs you could pick either one. If fuel efficiency with performance are higher priorities over passenger space pick the Duster. But if you want a spacious, comfortable vehicle for relaxed travel, pick the Toyota Innova.