Renault Fluence and Koleos in 2011

Renault has finally revved up its plans for India – and first products from the company would be the Renault Fluence luxury car and the Renault Koleos 4×4 crossover.

Renault Fluence and Koleos in 2011
Photo: Renault Fluence might come to India

The Koleos is not an SUV, but that has not mattered much in India anyway, where even a crossover like the Honda CR-V and the Ford Endeavour compete in the same category.

Renault recently announced its withdrawal from the alliance with Mahindra, together with whom it was manufacturing the Logan budget sedan in India. Read related story: Renault Fluence and Koles coming

The new concrete plans by Renault for India also include a small car, which would follow the Fluence and the Koleos.

Renault Fluence and Koleos in 2011
Photo: The Renault Koleos crossover, now confirmed for 2011 launch

We had a chance to look at the Koleos and the Fluence at the Auto Expo 2010, and we can say for sure that the Fluence definitely is a looker. As you will see in the Renault Fluence photos on this page.

Renault is busy  evaluating dealerships across India and plans to appoint 70 dealers across India by 2013 in tier-1 and tier-2 cities.

Marc NASSIF, Country General Manager and MD of Renault India said that he was extremely happy with the response that Renault has got from entrepreneurs who are eager to associate with them in driving the change that Renault intends to bring in the Indian automobile space.

Renault is also busy evaluating agencies that will handle its advertising, media and online activities campaign for its range of cars entering India mid next year.

Renault has invested about Rs. 5000 crores in its Indian operations jointly with Nissan and has its share in the Nissan plant that’s just come up in Chennai. We had earlier written about this Nissan factory, where the Renault Fluence and Koleos are expected to be produced.

One thing is for sure – they are not going to be cheap. The Fluence is a luxury sedan, and chances are Renault will price it around Rs 20 lakh or higher. Whether that would work remains to be seen.

The Renault Koleos looks like a crossover that can take the fight to Toyota Fortuner, Chevrolet Captiva and Honda CR-V if priced right.

The Renault Koleos is a crossover SUV. The Koleos was designed and developed by Renault and Nissan jointly. It is currently manufactured by Renault Samsung Motors, a subsidiary of Renault, at its plant in Busan in South Korea. Its sold in the Korean market as QM5.

Renault launched the Fluence in August 2009, the Fluence is based on the Renault – Nissan C platform and is sized between the compact family saloon C-segment and the upper-medium segment. This car is basically an notchback version of the Renault Mégane III. With engine with capacity of 3.6 V6 the Fluence is an mighty powerful Luxury sedan. Renault also has an electric version of the Fluence which it showcased at the Frankfurt Auto Show named the Fluence ZE.

At this point, we do not know if the Renault Fluence and Koles would be launched in petrol or diesel versions. Both the options are deifinitely available to Renault.

Renault Fluence sedan brief details

Two petrol engines, each available in two versions:
– 1.6 16V 110hp, with automatic transmission or manual gearbox
– 2.0 16V 140hp, with continuously variable transmission (CVT) or manual gearbox

A choice of five variants of the 1.5 dCi diesel block:
– dCi 85
– dCi 90 DPF
– dCi 105
– dCi 110 DPF
– dCi 110 DPF with the new dual clutch transmission (DCT)

Renault Koleos brief details

Available in both 4X2  and 4×4 options.

Engine options

2488cc Petrol 1995cc Diesel

126Kw Petrol (226 nm torque) and 110Kw f320nm torque) for the CRDI Diesel

Available in 23 Transmission options – CVT, Manual and 6 speed Automatic ?