Renault Kiger goes off-roading: Can it cope? [Video]

Renault launched the all-new Kiger in the Indian market earlier this year. The all-new sub-4m compact SUV is similar to all the other vehicles in the segment and gets only a 4X2/FWD set-up. But there are still many who like to take their vehicles to difficult off-tarmac routes. Here is one such video that shows how Kiger performs in such situations. This seems to be a vehicle that is a test drive car of a dealership.

The video by Harshys Automotive shows a brand-new Kiger powered by a 1.0-litre turbocharged petrol engine. He takes the vehicle to a location where there are a lot of ruts and crevices. They plan to show the off-roading capabilities of the Kiger in this video.

They take the Kiger through a lot of ruts and some of them are quite deep too. However, the Kiger comes out of them successfully. The Kiger goes over a few of them and with some wheelspin, it did come out. At times, the rear tyre was in the air but the Kiger did not get stuck anywhere.

The same video also shows the Kiger climbing an incline successfully. It also comes down and in the process, one of the rear tyres goes in the air too. However, in the whole video, Kiger’s underbody did not touch any point. It sure did a good job.

Does that make it an off-roader?

Renault Kiger goes off-roading: Can it cope? [Video]

Definitely not. Add some water to the scenario and you will see the vehicle failing in no time. While manufacturers market the sub-4m compact crossovers as SUVs, they do miss out on the important AWD or 4X4 system. Any hatchback with a high ground clearance will be able to replicate the results of the Kiger here. The Kiger comes with a ground clearance of 205mm, which is massive.

With such a big ground clearance, the Kiger or any other vehicle with similar ground clearance will be able to clear the challenges without any problem. The video also highlights Kiger’s short overhangs. This drastically increases the approach and the departure angle. That is why the front and the rear bumpers of the Kiger did not touch anything on the ground while climbing and coming down the slope.

Yes, the Kiger can take on bad roads and bad surfaces pretty well but it won’t be able to hold a candle in front of any off-roader including the Mahindra Thar. The video shows Kiger’s front wheel spinning through a few challenges. Well, that happens because the Kiger is FWD and there is no limited-slip differential in the vehicle. The LSD ensures that the wheel that is in the air or has less traction compared to the other wheel on the axle, the power goes to the wheel with more traction.

This ensures that the off-road vehicles do not face the problem of spinning wheels when stuck in a rut and that too, a wet rut. Any car from the segment can do what Kiger did in the video above.