Renault Kwid based compact SUV: What it’ll look like

Renault has plans to build a sub-4 meter compact SUV based on the Kwid platform. Among many markets of the world, India is also expected to be a major market for the new vehicle. The compact SUV will use an extended CMF-A+ platform, and is likely to have a high amount of localization in the Indian market. It’s code-named HBC, which means that production plans have already been made. Here is a speculative render that shows what the Kwid SUV could look like.

Renault Kwid based compact SUV: What it’ll look like

The Kwid-based HBC will be a micro SUV, taking on the likes of the Mahindra KUV100 and other such upcoming vehicles from Maruti and Hyundai. However other details regarding engines and transmissions are yet to be revealed. With the whole world going diesel, the Kwid HBC micro SUV is likely to take the petrol-only route, with provisions for an electric option in the future.

Renault already has the 1 litre-3 cylinder petrol engine with 67 Bhp-91 Nm already available with the Kwid. This engine is also available with 5 speed manual and AMT options. The micro SUV will share parts with the Kwid, which is quite localized already. A diesel engine is likely to be ruled out as such engines are going out of favour globally and developing a small capacity engine only for this vehicle may not be feasible.

Renault Kwid based compact SUV: What it’ll look like

The compact SUV is not the only new sub-4 meter car Renault is developing for India. The automaker is putting together a Kwid-based stationwagon/MPV that can seat seven adults. It’ll be a lot like the Datsun Go+, which itself is an extended version of the Go hatchback.

It’s codenamed the RBC and testing is about to begin. The RBC will be launched in early 2019, much earlier than the Kwid based micro SUV, which will arrive only in 2020. In terms of pricing and mechanicals, it is likely to be positioned at the same price levels – starting at Rs. 5 lakhs.

Via Behance