Renault Kwid-based MPV to be called Triber

Renault Triber Mpv Teaser Featured

Renault has just put out a teaser for its next big thing for the Indian market – an MPV based on the Kwid’s CMF-A  platform. The new Renault low-cost MPV will be called Triber, and it will be launched in India during the second half  of this year. Considering that we’re already in April, and have less than 3 months to go for the second half of this  year, expect to see a flurry of teasers in the build up to the Renault MPV’s launch. Now that the name has been  revealed, it’s only a matter of time before more details about the new Renault Kwid-based MPV surface. For now, check out the teaser.

Renault Kwid-based MPV to be called Triber

As the teaser indicates, the Renault Triber will be modular – an indication that it will use the Renault Kwid’s CMF-A  platform. CMF-A, which stands for common module family-A, is a low cost platform that Renault-Nissan have developed for use in emerging markets such as India and Brazil. The Renault Kwid and the Datsun RediGo are two cars that are based on the CMF-A platform, and sold in India. In the coming years, expect more vehicles on this platform, and later this year, the Triber MPV will become the third vehicle to use CMF-A.

The Renault Triber is expected to measure under 4 meters in length to confirm for excise duty benefits. This also  implies a very competitive price tag, and we expect this MPV to be somewhat like the Datsun Go+ stationwagon,  offering seating in a 5+2 format. Unlike the Datsun Go+, the third row of seats on the Renault Triber could actually  accommodate adults rather than just kids. At least, this is what the teaser hints at, by emphasizing on ‘super  spacious’.

Renault Kwid-based MPV to be called Triber

The other big statement that the teaser seeks to make is ‘India’s first’. Currently, there’s no real MPV that’s a  sub-4 meter offering. The Ertiga comes the closest, but it measures nearly 4.3 meters. So, if Renault actually comes  up with a full fledged 7 seat MPV, and manages to make it confirm to a sub-4 meter length, then we’ll indeed have India’s first sub-4 meter MPV. There’s a strong possibility of this happening, and it’s just been nearly confirmed by the teaser.

As for mechanicals, the Renault Triber is likely to borrow its engine and gearbox from the Kwid given that it’s based  on the CMF-A platform, which emphasizes on a high level of parts sharing. The 1 liter-3 cylinder petrol engine is  likely to make its way into the Triber, and the 68 Bhp-91 Nm outputs will just be enough for everyday use. The 5  speed manual gearbox and AMT options are also likely to be carried over. A front wheel drive layout will be standard,  and so will be a monocoque form factor. Watch this space for more details.