Kwid to Duster: Renault-Nissan cars selling at discounts this February

We are into the second month of 2019 and discount schemes on cars are getting bigger every month. Almost all major manufacturers are turning out discounts for their model lineup in a bid to attract customers towards their dealerships. However, most of the discount schemes currently offered are applicable only on the older 2018 make models, in order to clear the inventory. Here are the discounts and schemes offered by Renault and Nissan on their range of cars.


Redi Go

Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 15,000

2018 Datsun Redigo Limited Edition

This little number from Datsun is a pretty decent car in the entry level hatchback segment. As of now, Datsun is offering discounts upto Rs. 15,000 on the Redi Go. The discount scheme include  direct cashback of Rs. 10,000  on the 800 cc engine variant. The 1 litre engine variants are getting a Rs. 12,000 worth of cash discount this month. There is also an additional Rs. 3,500 being offered on the car as corporate discount, driving up the total discount value upto a maximum of Rs. 15,000. 0% interest rate is also available on financing options.


Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 47,000

nissan micra india launch

Next in line is the Micra, which is a rival to the Maruti Suzuki Swift and Ford Figo. The hatchback is being offered with a maximum discount of Rs. 47,000 by Nissan currently. The discount scheme includes a direct cashback of Rs. 40,000 on the Micra Active. The other variants have a cash back of Rs, 30,000 on them. Apart from this, there is an additional Rs. 7,000 being offered as cashback for government employees.


Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 47,000

Nissan Sunny Special Edition Featured

The only sedan on offer by Nissan in India is also getting good discounts this month. The Sunny is currently available with discounts upto 47,000. The discount schemes include Rs. 35,000 worth of direct cash discount. Then there is a special discount for Government employees, valued at Rs. 12,000. Also, Nissan is offering a 0% interest rate if you are looking at finance options.



Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 40,000

2019 Renault Kwid

The most affordable offering from the French auto company is also up for discounts this month. Renault is offering the Kwid with discounts upto Rs. 40,000 currently. The discounts include free 1st Year Insurance along with a corporate bonus of Rs. 2,000. There is also a direct cash discount of Rs. 10,000 along with Rs. 20,000 as exchange bonus. Apart from discount offers, another benefit Renault is offering is extended warranty plan on the Kwid for third and fourth year. The discounts are applicable only on the 2018 make models of the hatchback.


Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 35,000

The Renault Duster was once a very popular choice in the compact SUV segment. It is due to be updated in the coming time and the new model will allow Renault to take the fight up with the competition. Currently, the SUV is being offered with discounts upto Rs. 35,000 on the 2018 make models. The discount scheme include a direct cash back of Rs 20,000 along with a free first year insurance on the diesel variants. The petrol variants, on the other hand, get only Rs. 20,000 as cash discount. Then there is a corporate bonus of Rs. 5,000 on the SUV right now.


Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 1.55 lakhs

Lodgy Fb

The big Lodgy is getting bigger discounts this February. Talking of which, currently, the company is offering the Lodgy with massive discounts worth Rs. 1.55 lakhs, applicable on the 2018 make models. The discount offer includes a direct Rs.1.50 lakh cash discount . An additional Rs. 5,000 is also being given away as corporate discount on the Lodgy.


Max. Discount Upto: Rs. 2 lakh

The Renault Captur is the most expensive vehicle from the brand in the Indian market. Renault is currently offering the Captur with discounts worth Rs. 2.0 lakhs. The discount offers include a direct cashback valued at Rs. 1.2 lakhs on the base Rxe variant and Rs. 1.7 lakhs on the Rxt and Platine variants. The Rxl variant is being given away with the highest cashback of Rs. 2 lakhs. However, the discounts are applicable on the 2018 models only.