Renault Kwid owner crashes into a shop after pressing accelerator instead of brake [Video]

Many people who have recently learned how to drive often get nervous while driving on busy roads. This is not a good thing as it might often be a reason for them to crash into other vehicles. While driving on public roads, one must always try to remain calm and not panic. We have come across several incidents where people who are new drivers have crashed their vehicle after they get nervous. Similarly, people who switch from manual to automatic cars also face such issue as they get confused between the pedals. Here we have one such video where lady driver crashed a Renault kwid hatchback into a crockery shop after she pressed accelerator instead of brake.

The video has been uploaded by Nikhil Rana on his YouTube channel. The video was shared to him by one of his follower. As per the video, the accident happened in Maharashtra. The lady who was driving the Renault Kwid car panicked and accidently pressed the accelerator pedal instead of brake. The car that lost control climbed 4-5 steps and crashed into a crockery shop. The car broke the glass door and many items that were displayed inside the shop. The video does not mention whether the lady who was driving the car suffered any injuries or was anyone else hurt.

The car did not run into the shop completely as it got stuck on the stairs in the front. It is not clear whether the Kwid seen here in the video is the AMT version or did the driver simply panic as she was just learning. This is a good example that shows why one must not panic or be tensed while driving a car. When you get tensed, people tend to loose concentration and once they are careless, chances of an accident increase especially with new drivers.

Renault Kwid owner crashes into a shop after pressing accelerator instead of brake [Video]

In such conditions, when people try to stop the car, they often press the wrong pedal and by the time, they realise their mistake they would have lost control on the car completely. This is not the first time something like this has been reported in India. Recently, a Volkswagen Vento owner who reversed into a restaurant after he put his car in reverse instead of drive, and pressed the accelerator instead of the brakes. It is not clear if the car was manual or automatic. The car got on to the ramp and crashed the glass windows and was inside the restaurant. The driver was alone in the car and he was not injured.

In another case, a Tata Punch driven by a lady driver in Kerala crashed into two two-wheelers and a Maruti Omni van after the driver lost control over the vehicle. The car hit vehicles that were inside a petrol pump filling fuel. Once again, the driver probably pressed the wrong pedal and lost control. The Tata Punch did not stop after crashing into the vehicles. The driver turned the vehicle to avoid more damage and finally hit the metal barricade in front of the fuel dispenser.