Renault Kwid has a narrow miss after getting hit by a Tata truck on an Indian highway

Indian highways are one of the most dangerous roads in the world. You will seldom see anyone maintaining lane discipline or following the rules while overtaking other vehicles. This is a common sight on the Indian roads and highways and that’s why our country reports one of the highest accidents in the world. Here is one such video that shows a Renault Kwid trying to make its way through a narrow space left by two trucks and the result could have been much more dangerous than this. But who do you think is at fault here?

This video is recorded from a dashboard camera of a vehicle that is following the Renault Kwid on a flyover. Since this accident happened in Kanpur, it seems like that the vehicles are on the long elevated road that cuts through the city. The video shows that the Renault Kwid driver is quite impatient and could not wait for a proper overtaking gap. Both the lanes of the way are covered by two trucks and we think the truck on the right is trying to overtake the other. This is a common sight on the Indian roads again where a truck going at 42 km/h will try to overtake the other truck going at 40 km/h and since the trucks are much longer, it feels like that it is taking an eternity. That is why many become impatient.

The Renault Kwid, full of passengers misjudged the space and squeezed in the gap between the two trucks after giving turning on the indicator. The result? Well, the truck on the right-hand side of the road hits the rear of the Kwid, which spins out and gets in front of the truck. It gets dragged for a few metres before getting out of the way of the truck. The occupants of the Kwid came out in amazement on how it happened but this video clearly shows that. Who do you think is at fault here?

Who is at fault here?

Renault Kwid has a narrow miss after getting hit by a Tata truck on an Indian highway

First of all, on such elevated roads, overtaking is prohibited to prevent similar accidents. Since the video was too short, we did not see any such signs on the roads but always refrain from such maneuvers, especially on the flyovers and elevated roads and there is very limited space to use if anything goes out of control.

Also, the truck on the right lane might be trying to overtake the other truck. We cannot make this out from the video. However, even if the truck is not trying to overtake, it is in the wrong lane and should have been on the left-hand side of the road as the speed limit for the heavy vehicles always remains lower than the light vehicles like private cars.

The Renault Kwid driver misjudged the space and showed his impatient behaviour by squeezing into space. He may argue that the truck driver could have spotted him and applied the brakes but the visibility of such heavy vehicles is extremely poor. In fact, we are sure that the truck driver did not even notice the Kwid in its mirrors, forget about the turn signals that the Kwid driver used to indicate his intention.

These are the few things that we think went wrong in this video. If you have more observations, please put them in the comment section.