Renault Kwid vs Datsun Go: Drag, handling & braking test in a single video

Budget hatchbacks cars are among the most popular segment of cars in the country. Many first time car buyers prefer them over the more expensive models as they want to get a hang of owning a car without burning a hole in their pocket. Most of the manufacturers in the country, currently have a presence in this segment. One Such manufacturer is Renault and Datsun. Renault shows its presence in the segment with Kwid hatchback whereas Datsun has their Go. Kwid has been a game changer for Renault in the country. it was one of the most selling hatchbacks in the country once. It still is doing some good numbers. Datsun Go on the other hand is doing fine. For a first time car buyer who is confused between these two models, how do you get to a conclusion?. That is what exactly Ignition Live has shown us in their video.

They perform series of tests on both Renault Kwid and the Datsun Go to know which car handles well, which one is fast and which one has better brakes. Recently Renault had launched a facelifted Kwid in India, that is not the variant used in the video. They have used a pre-facelift model which was equipped with ABS. The Datsun Go on the other hand is the facelifted one.

The video starts with handling test. First test is emergency lane change. The driver will suddenly change the lane as if something unexpected had come in front of the car to avoid hitting the object. This is a real world scenario, this could happen to anyone on a highway. First Datsun comes on track, the driver maintains a speed between 80-100 kmph and then he changes lane all of a sudden. The expressions on driver’s face clearly reflected how bad it was. two wheels of the Datsun Go where in air during this maneuver. Renault Kwid went through the same course and felt more planted in comparison. Renault Kwid won first round.

Renault Kwid vs Datsun Go: Drag, handling & braking test in a single video

Second round is a drag race between Renault Kwid and Datsun Go. Kwid gets a smaller 1.0L engine and Go comes with a 1.2L engine. But kwid is lighter than Go which is an advantage that makes it quicker than the Go and Kwid again wins this round. Third is the most important test. The braking test, specially in a country like India is very important where anything can come in front of your vehicle. In this test both the cars were driven at a constant speed of 80 kmph and then brakes were slammed. The Datsun Go had won this round by a negligible margin. During this test both the cars did not skid or go sideways during braking, because ABS was present in both vehicles and it prevents the wheels from locking up and braking more efficiently.