Renault Lodgy now a lot cheaper than Ertiga &Marazzo

Renault Lodgy now a lot cheaper than Maruti Ertiga & Mahindra Marazzo: Here’s why

With the launch of the Mahindra Marazzo and the Maruti Ertiga, Renault’s own MPV, the Lodgy has taken a massive hit in terms of market demand. Sales were as it is low, with the company selling only 166 units in May 2018 a few months back. The bad news is that Renault sold only 52 units in September and October combined together and this in turn has made their marketing team come up with huge discounts as per the company’s official website.

Renault’s own website now claims the Lodgy can be had with a flat cash discount of Rs 1,50,000 on the base STD and one up RxE trim. This is almost a 20% discount on the ex-showroom price of the entry level Lodgy variant and makes this one of the most discounted car in India along with its own sibling, the Captur. At an effective ex-showroom price of Rs 7.12 lakh, the Renault Lodgy is more affordable than the base versions of all the compact SUVs, cheaper than the entry level models of the Tata Sumo and the Mahindra Bolero and most importantly, undercuts the new Maruti Ertiga and Mahindra Marazzo as well. Commercial operators are sure to pick up this Renault MPV in my opinion.

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The base variant named STD offers you roof bars, chrome tail garnish, air-conditioning, slide & recline function for 2nd row seats, power steering and even ABS. The up one RxE is what has got us interested – this one offers more features than the base Maruti Ertiga LDI and yet you save a cool Rs 70,000 in terms of effective ex-showroom price. 2nd row captain seats, rear air-con vents, keyless entry and larger Diesel engine is what the Lodgy RxE offers over the Maruti rival, something that most owners want in their vehicles.

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As compared to the Marazzo M2, the Lody RxE saves about Rs 1.75 lakh. We are sure not many know about this revised costing of the Renault MPV. If you want to look at the higher variants, the company is offering a discount of Rs 1 lakh plus free insurance thrown in. This means for private use, the top end variants do make a of value sense to the buyer now. Do note that the higher versions come with a more powerful 110PS version and this gives the Lodgy better performance for both city and highway usage. Unlike the Ertiga though, this one does not come with a petrol engine or an automatic transmission.

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