Renault recalls over 7000 Scala and Pulse cars in India for faulty brakes

This was a bit of news that was waiting to happen. After Nissan issued a recall for the Sunny and the Micra to fix a faulty brake cylinder, it had to be Renault’s turn to issue a recall for the Scala and Pulse.

The Renault Scala is after all a badge-engineered Nissan Sunny, while the Renault Pulse is a badge engineered Nissan Micra. The Renault Scala was introduced only in September last year and has sold 6,175 units till April this year. The Renault Pulse was introduced in January 2012 and has sold 7,939 cars till date in the Indian market. This recall to fix the brake master cylinder in the Pulse and the Scala covers cars that were made between June 2012 and March 2013. Also read: Nissan recalls Sunny and Micra to fix faulty brake component

A week ago Nissan issued a recall covering the Sunny and the Micra of similar vintage and as Renault’s cars are mechanically identical, it was likely that Renault too would have to recall their cars. Although no accidents or major problems have been reported with the brakes of the Renault Scala or the Pulse, a faulty brake master cylinder can have potentially disastrous effects on the car. Also read: Mahindra recalls XUV500 to fix wiper, power steering and power windows

The brake master cylinder is what is responsible for the hydraulic pressure build up when you press the brake pedal in the car. It equally forces hydraulic brake fluid to each of the four wheels to stop the car. But if there’s a fault in the brake master cylinder, the brake pedal can become spongy or sink to the floor and reduce braking performance drastically, or in the worst case, fail completely.  Also read: Brake failure! How to stop a car with no brakes

Recalls are becoming increasingly common these days as carmakers try to keep customers happy by appearing proactive in finding faults and fixing them before the customer is inconvenienced. Toyota recently issued a recall for the Corolla Altis to fix faulty drive shafts. Mahindra issued a recall for the XUV500 to fix three faulty components. Ford issued a recall for the Figo and Classic to check the suspension. However, others such as Maruti, are not officially calling their fixing of a brake issue with the Swift a recall – and are acting on a case by case basis based on customer complaints. Tata didn’t officially call the fitting of a heat shield in the Tata Nano a recall either. Also read: Toyota recalls Corolla Altis to fix faulty drive shafts