Watch Renault Triber launch live webcast!

The French car manufacturer Renault has launched an all-new MPV in the Indian market, which offers some unique features. The all-new car is based on a modified version of the CMF-A platform that also underpins the Renault Kwid in the Indian market. The all-new car is known as the Triber and it the entry-level seven-seater from the brand in the Indian market. To watch the launch of the car live, check out the link below.

The all-new Renault Triber looks quite intimidating on the roads with its new-age, muscular design. It gets heavy creases on the bonnet and the new-age Renault family grille too. The car also gets a silver skid plate at the front and LED DRLs positioned lower in the bumper. The roof rails on the Renault Triber make it look much like an SUV. The car gets flared wheel arches too.

The unique feature in the Triber will be the third-row seat. According to reports, the last-row seating in the Triber is removable, which makes it different from any other 7-seater in the market. The removable third-row seating will ensure that there is enough space in the car when needed and the space for 7 occupants on the other times. Also, the last low seat can be folded when not needed to make for more space. The all-new Renault Triber will take on the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga and the Mahindra Marazzo. However, the price of the base variant is likely to remain very competitive and much lower than the rivals.

The Renault Triber is not a sub-4m product, which means that will not compete with the likes of Datsun Go Plus in the Indian market. It should be noted that India is the first market where the Triber will be launched and the international markets may get the tweaked version of the car at a later date.

Engine-wise, the Renault Triber is expected to be powered only by a 1.0-litre engine. It will be similar to the Kwid’s engine but in the Triber, the engine is expected to produce more power. Also, a five-speed AMT automatic transmission is expected alongside the 5-speed manual transmission. The all-new Triber also gets a plush cabin with features like a touchscreen infotainment system. There is safety equipment in place too including airbags, ABS+EBD, rear parking sensors, seatbelt reminder and more. The all-new Renault Triber is expected to be priced at around Rs 6 lakh.

Watch Renault Triber launch live webcast!

Currently, the Renault Triber is the second MPV in the line-up after the Lodgy. The Triber is expected to help Renault push the overall sales. Later this year, Renault will also launch the new Kwid in the Indian market.

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