Renault Triber RxE base variant walk around video

Renault launched the much-awaited all-new Triber in the Indian market recently. It has become one of the most affordable 7-seater cars in India and offers a host of first-in-segment features. The entry-level version of the Triber is priced at Rs 4.95 lakhs, which makes it much cheaper than the likes of Maruti Suzuki Ertiga in the market. But does the base version comes with enough features? Here is a walk-around video by AutoTrend TV that shows the base variant of the Triber and all the features that it gets.

The video starts by showing the front-end of the car. It gets a black grille instead of the chrome one available with the top-end of the Triber. However, even the base RxE version of the Triber gets projector headlamps as standard. It is quite interesting to see the projector headlamps on the base version of the Triber. It adds a premium look to the car. The bumper is of monotone instead of the dual-tone available in the high-end versions and there are no fog lamps or the Daytime Running Lamps.

On the side, it gets black ORVMs and door handles. Also, the base version of the Triber gets the 14-inch steel wheels painted in black colour and there are no wheel covers too. The vehicle also does not gets roof rails.

Inside, the car gets a dual-tone dashboard. However, the power windows are only for the front windows. The top-end version gets dual glovebox too. However, this version only gets a single glove box. Renault, however, offers dual airbags as standard, which is a much more important feature. Also, there is no audio system in the centre. However, it gets an electronic boot release button. The RxE version gets a massive cubby hole instead of the chilled glove box. The instrument cluster also remains largely the same but it offers a lesser number of functions.

Renault Triber RxE base variant walk around video

The base version of the Triber gets a single roof-mounted cabin light. However, Renault offers adjustable headrests on the four seats. There are also no rear AC vents. The middle-row seats get the one-touch folding seat, which is quite good.

The Triber comes powered by a 1.0-litre three-cylinder engine that produces a maximum power of 71 Bhp and peak torque of 96 Nm. It gets a five-speed manual transmission but there is no AMT automatic transmission even as an option. Overall, the Renault Triber is an extremely practical car and something that will satisfy the need of a buyer who wants a seven-seater vehicle on a budget.

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