Renault Triber with 7 people on board: How does it perform [Video]

Triber is the latest 7-seater MPV offered by Renault in the Indian market. It was launched a few months ago and is doing pretty well in terms of numbers. Sales of Triber and other models helped Renault become the 5th largest car maker in India. Triber has now become a common sight on our roads. In the month of November Renault sold about 6,071 units.We have seen many review videos and acceleration test video of Triber online. Today, we have a video that tests the performance of the Triber MPV with 7 people on board.

The video has been uploaded by Car Autoblog on their Youtube channel. The video starts by talking about the engine, which is the main concern that many who plan to buy this car. There is a worry among people that the engine is small for a seven-seater and a fully loaded car won’t be able to go uphill and so on. The video says they took fully loaded Triber in such condition and even took it to some uphill sections and car performed effortlessly. Video also mentions that the pick up of the Triber was average under such conditions.

Next the air-con is put under test. According to the video, A.C cools down the first and second row seats whereas the third row doesn’t get sufficient air which can be an issue during Indian summers. Then comes the suspension which according to the video felt stiff and fair amount of body roll was also felt. he also adds that on bad roads, lot of road noise was filtering into the cabin.

Video then talks about the build quality of the Triber. The interiors felt okay for the price point whereas the exterior quality was not up to the mark. According to the video their fully loaded Triber return an economy of around 10 Kmpl in hilly areas and 12-13 kmpl on normal roads which is good for a car that can seat 7 in it. To conclude, video calls Triber a value for money option.

The compact MPV is powered by the 1 liter-3 cylinder naturally aspirated petrol engine that is also seen on the Kwid 1.0. On the Triber, this motor makes 72 Bhp-96 Nm, and is paired to a five speed manual gearbox as standard. Renault might introduce AMT later next year. Price for Triber starts at Rs 4.95 Lakhs and goes up to Rs 6.49 lakhs, all prices are ex-showroom.