Renault working on 730cc two stroke twin cylinder turbo diesel engine

Renault is working on a bunch of cut price cars targeting emerging markets such as India, Argentina, Brazil and other Eastern European nations. The automaker is also developing a range of new engines. At a recent event at Paris, dubbed Innovations @ Renault, the French automaker gave the world a glimpse of what is cooking at its Research and Development facilities. Two very relevant engines as far as the emerging car markets are concerned are the 1 liter-3 cylinder turbo petrol-LPG dual fuel motor and the 730cc, twin cylinder two stroke turbo diesel motor that also features supercharging.

Renault working on 730cc two stroke twin cylinder turbo diesel engine
Renault 1 Liter-3 cylinder Turbocharged Petrol-LPG Engine

The 1 liter-3 cylinder petrol LPG dual fuel motor is one of its kind in the world and will go into production next year. This engine offers 10 % lower tail pipe emissions and 25 % fuel cost savings when compared to a similar petrol motor. This engine features brake energy regeneration, an ECO mode and an idle stop system as the various features meant to cut fuel consumption and tail pipe emissions. Renault’s range of small cars could benefit from this LPG-Petrol engine whose turbocharger means that sprightly performance is a given. This engine is Euro-6 emission norms compliant.

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Renault working on 730cc two stroke twin cylinder turbo diesel engine
Renault 730cc Twin Cylinder Two Stroke Turbocharged Supercharged Diesel Engine

The other interesting engine concept from Renault is the two stroke, twin cylinder 736cc turbo diesel motor that also comes with a supercharger. This engine weighs 40 kilograms lesser than the 1.5 liter K9K turbo diesel motor, while also occupying half the space of the latter in terms of size. The 730cc engine can be tuned to produce power outputs between 48 Bhp and 68 Bhp, while torque outputs produced at 1,500 rpm are rated at 112 Nm to 145 Nm. Now, this engine is not production ready yet, what with Renault working on boosting power and torque outputs.

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The engine has been developed with investment from the European Union and Renault is working with 18 industrial, scientific and academic partners in France, Spain and the Czech Republic. The two stroke diesel borrows from technolopgy that has been mainstream in the shipping industry for years. Two stroke diesels, with their thermal efficiency of about 50 % are the most efficient engines in the world, with no parallel to date. In contrast, the four stroke diesel engine, which almost all modern day diesel cars use, comes with a thermal efficiency figure of 35 %.

The 15 % increase in thermal efficiency is outstanding to say the least and if Renault and its partners succeed in bringing this engine to production, it could radically change how small capacity cars are powered. Two stroke engines use half as many parts than comparable four stroke motors are are inherently simpler to construct. Lighter, less expensive and ultra efficient, these motors could form the ideal base for Renault and Nissan’s small cars foray for emerging car markets of the world, of which India is a major part. So, don’t be too surprised if you have a future iteration of the Renault XBA hatchback using a small capacity, two stroke turbocharged-supercharged motor.