Rendered – Volkswagen Vento Compact Sedan

Word about Volkswagen India planning a compact sedan version of the Vento C-Segment sedan has been around for many months now. CarToq has put together a render of the purported Volkswagen compact sedan based on the Vento. The car is expected to sit between the Polo and the Vento, as a new entry-level sedan from Volkswagen. Expect both petrol and turbo diesel engines to be offered on the sub-4 meter car. Aimed at the fast growing sub-4 meter compact sedan market in India, Volkswagen’s sub-4 meter Vento will be aimed squarely at larger volumes.

Compact sedans make inherent sense in India, where the roads are congested and parking slots often involve squeezing the car into the tightest of gaps. A compact sedan that measures under 4 meters is more akin to a hatchback, and parking is one factor that gets easier. Also, the Indian government taxes a compact sedan at the same rate of excise as that of a hatchback that measures under 4 meters in length. The lower excise duty makes for an attractive price tag, a major factor that drives volumes as many B+ segment (premium) hatchback buyers are allured to upgrade to a similarly or slightly higher priced compact sedan.

Volkswagen isn’t doing well in the Indian car market and the German car maker desperately needs big volume products and the sub-4 meter sedan based on the Vento is likely to do its bit to shore up volumes for the German brand until other big volume products such as the compact SUV arrive into India sometime in 2016 or beyond. Volkswagen is also firming up plans to launch a low cost car brand, which sits under Volkswagen, Skoda and Seat brands, in emerging markets. The low cost car brand is likely to arrive into India as well, and is expected to be a key to changing the brand’s fortunes here.