TEN resale value kings of India

Automobiles are a depreciating commodity. As years pass, the value of cars goes down regardless of how much you take care of it. There are few cars that retain better value over the years than others. Here are 10 such cars that go through minimal depreciation over the years.

Toyota Fortuner

TEN resale value kings of India


The Toyota Fortuner just crossed 1 lakh sales mark in India. The Fortuner has become synonymous with the word luxury SUV in many Indian parts, and the market just loves the vehicle. Even though Toyota launched the all-new Fortuner, the pre-facelift version of the car has shown no sign of becoming cheaper in the used car market. The massive demand for the vehicle keeps the prices high even after few years of usage.

Example: Used Toyota Fortuner

Toyota Innova

TEN resale value kings of India

The Innova holds a special place in the Indian market. The 7-seater MPV has been around for a long time, Till date, no other MPV could dislodge the Innova from the top spot. The Innova enjoys a very high demand in the market because of its comfortable seating and long engine life. Toyota’s low maintenance and great after sales service are other bonuses. The Innova has been widely adopted by the taxi industry of India which concretes the facts about its reliability and comfort.

Example: Used Toyota Innova

Ford EcoSport

TEN resale value kings of India

Ford has some great cars in their Indian line-up but the low sales of their car generally do not put their products in the high resale value list. The EcoSport, however, is a surprise entrant in this list. The compact SUV pushed the segment in the country, which currently has cars from almost all the major manufacturers in India. The EcoSport’s sporty looks, performance suspension set-up, good engine line-up and affordable maintenance makes it retain its high value in the market even after few years.

Example: Used Ford EcoSport

Mahindra Bolero

TEN resale value kings of India

The good old rugged MUV from Mahindra is one of the best-sellers in the segment. The Bolero is a very popular vehicle in India, especially in the Tier – II and Tier – III towns. The Bolero has a very long life and its versatility makes it one of the first choices in the smaller towns. The Bolero also offers a lot of space and has a very low maintenance cost. All of these factors come together to make it a vehicle in high demand in the used car market. and keep the price high.

Example: Used Mahindra Bolero

Maruti Suzuki Ciaz

TEN resale value kings of India

Maruti cars, in general, retain a high value even after a few years. The Ciaz, in particular, retains a very high amount of value in the used car market. The mid-size sedan segment sees some tough competition from Honda City, Hyundai Verna and the likes but the Ciaz remained one of the top-selling models in the market. The Ciaz comes with good space on the inside, and the car’s natty looks with the Maruti brand makes it one of the best resale value holder in the market.

Example: Used Maruti Ciaz

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