Famous restaurant owner uses police siren to brazenly defy corona virus lockdown: BUSTED

Owner of the famous Kooler restaurant that featured in the award-winning movie – Gully Boy and Vaastav was detained by Mumbai Police for not following the lockdown orders. The owner Ali Kooler recently posted a video on the social media websites where can be seen roaming around the town in his car. Mumbai Police detained him after which he posted an apology video.

The video of Ali Kooler went viral on social media a few days ago. This happened after a nationwide lockdown was announced in India for 21 days. The owner of the famous Irani restaurant was using a police siren in his car and was roaming around on the public roads. He could be seen saying “Corona, Corona” and laughing hysterically in the video. The video was shot by another person sitting in the rear seat of the vehicle. It is not known for how long did they drive the vehicle through the streets.

Saurabh Tripathi, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV), Mumbai Police, said in a statement that the person has been detained by the cops and suitable action will be taken according to the rules.



After Ali Kooler was detained, he recorded another video from detention saying that the authorities have requested a lockdown and everyone should follow it for their own safety. He also said that recently he made a video viral and after the video became viral, he realised that he should not have done it and it came out to be wrong. He apologised to everyone and requested everyone to not come out.

It is not known if the cops have charged him. It should be noted that during the lockdown period, which is till 14th April 2020, no one is allowed to be out on the roads without a valid reason. The lockdown has been done to contain the spread of the coronavirus that has affected more than 1,200 people in India. The cops across the country are also seizing vehicles and even using canes on the people who are breaking the rules and coming out of their home without a reason.

Famous restaurant owner uses police siren to brazenly defy corona virus lockdown: BUSTED

It should be noted that people who want to buy essentials or medicines are allowed to be on the roads during the lockdown. Only a single person is allowed on the road to buy such essential services.

During the lockdown period, everyone is requested to stay indoors. While the empty roads are a delight and may look very tempting to the enthusiasts, it is important to follow the lockdown rules. In the national capital Delhi, the government has started issuing online passes the people who want to go to get essential commodities during the lockdown period. Such passes are very helpful in tracking down the requests and know the motive.

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