Resto-modded 1981 model Hindustan Ambassador wants to look modern [Video]

Hindustan Ambassadors were officially discontinued from the Indian market in 2014. It is a very important car in Indian automotive history and even today we have several well-maintained examples of Ambassador from India and around the world. While there are some Ambassador owners who like to maintain the car in stock condition, there are many who modify it with modern features and equipment. Here we have one such rusty old 1981 model Hindustan Motors Ambassador that has been modified to look modern.

The video has been uploaded by MAGNETO 11 on their YouTube channel. In this video, the 1981 model Ambassador is shown at first. The car was actually in a very bad condition with rust on most panels. The body panels where completely damaged and the interior was also covered in dust and mud. Many parts on this car were not in working condition anymore. The car was brought to the workshop and was completely restored. As this was an old Ambassador sedan, it did not come with many features that were offered with the later ones.

Along with the restoration work, the workshop completely modified the exterior and interior of the car to give it a modern look. Starting with the front, the stock front grille on this car was replaced with another unit. It looks like the front grille of a Maruti S-Cross with HM logo in the center. The front bumper was completely repaired and modified. It comes with chrome accents and golden highlights. The stock halogen headlamps were all replaced with aftermarket LED units. Coming to the side profile, the steel rims have been replaced with aftermarket alloy wheels. The wheels are painted in golden shade and the brake calipers are painted Red. The original colour of the Ambassador sedan was white. This was changed to Silver for a premium look.

Resto-modded 1981 model Hindustan Ambassador wants to look modern [Video]

The side profile of the car has no major changes except the chrome beadings on the door, ORVM from Maruti Baleno and a fender-mounted dual-function LED turn indicator. The boot of the car had major damage in it. The boot was completely rebuilt and the original shape was retained. The spare wheel is still kept in the boot and that is also an alloy wheel. The tail lamps on this Ambassador were from a later generation model and an Ambassador Grand sticker was also placed on the boot. The fuel filler cap was now enclosed inside a cover. The rear bumper on this car was also customised ad it came with a reverse parking camera integrated into it.

Just like the exterior, the interior of this car was also customised. The interior was all redone, the dashboard and steering wheel on this car is from an old Maruti Zen. The cabin is finished in brown and beige colour. The panels are all painted in this colour theme. The seats covers are all custom made units and the car now comes with an AC and power steering too. These features were not present with the stock car. An aftermarket infotainment system and speaker system has also been installed. The car looks different from other modified Ambassadors. This one looks good but we have seen better in the past.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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