5 GORGEOUS Resto-modded cars from around India

Restoration modification is a term used to refer to the restoration of old/vintage vehicles and then modifying them, either aesthetically or mechanically or both. The key to making a perfect looking resto-mod car is to modify it enough so that it looks upmarket while keeping that old world charm intact. There are several cars around the country that have been brought back from the dead and then modified into achingly beautiful machines. Here then are 5 retro cars in India that have been given a modern makeover.

Premier 118 NE

Resto Mod 1

Starting off the list is this gorgeous Premier 118 NE. For the uninitiated, this car was based on the Fiat 124 and was an upgrade from the Premier Padmini. This black one here sure is one of the best examples of modified 118 NE we’ve seen. It carries a cool gangstar look and it seems that the design inspiration was taken from the car that featured in the movie ‘The Green hornet’. The front end has been given a totally new look and it gets a new bumper, new grille, and badass looking eyes. The car rides on a cool set of alloys and giving a final touch to this whole resto-mod job is the black paint job that adds to the overall lool.

Maruti Suzuki Zen

Resto Mod 2

While the Zen may still look pretty modern, it was launched here way back in 1993. This is the reason we have included this first-gen model of the car that has been modified tastefully. The Zen was a pretty popular car among enthusiasts due to its high power to weight ratio and classic body design. This one here gets a body kit which adds lip spoilers on the front and skirtings on the side. The car now runs on wide tires shod on stylish alloy wheels. The bright orange paint job makes it stand apart in the crowd of cars populating our roads.

Maruti Suzuki 800 (SS80)

Resto Mod 3

The Maruti Suzuki 800 is to India what the Ford Model T and later the Volkswagen Beetle is to the world. If you didn’t catch the reference, all three of these cars are responsible for mobilizing millions of people and were the most popular cars of their era. The SS80 was the first car for Maruti Suzuki in India and was launched in 1983. This one here gets a cool set of aftermarket rims along with a bright green paint shade. Apparently, the owner of this car modelled the car’s look after Mr. Bean iconic green Mini.

HM Contessa

Resto Mod 4

India never had any muscle car brought to its soil for sale by a company until Ford decided to play the gamble and brought the Mustang here a few years back. However, what we had is the HM Contessa that is considered by many to be the first muscle car type designed car of the country. Talking about this one here, its owner had modified the stylish sedan into a butch looking muscle car. Painted in black, the car looks special even from a distance. Another highlight of the car are those gorgeous alloys it is fitted with. Interestingly, the owner has also placed the iconic Shelby badge on the front grille which adds a bit of American touch to the car.

Resto Mod 4.

Premier Padmini

Resto Mod

If there was a car people bought except Ambassador at that time, it was the Premier Padmini. The Fiat-based car has attained an iconic status in India today and is kept as a prized possession by many collectors. The one seen above has been beautifully resto-modded and got a blue paint job along with a silver roof and silver stripes running down its bonnet. It has been fitted with great looking multi-spoke alloys and the front headlights are now blacked-out LED units. The interiors have also been updated while the upholstery is all white.

Resto Mod 5


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