Check out this gorgeously resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador [Video]

Hindustan Ambassador is one of the car that has been present back in the day when the whole automobile thing in our country had started. It has been the choice of car for families, politicians and was even used in the commercial market. In 2014, the last Hindustan Ambassador rolled out from the factory. The Ambassador has become a classic car over the years, and many people still own this legendary sedan. We have many examples of well kept Ambassadors and here we have one such Hindustan Ambassador that has been restored completely.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his youtube channel. The Hindustan Ambassador in the vehicle is a 1982 mark 4 vehicle and the owner of the car had made certain modifications to the car in order to increase the life of the car. The video starts by showing the engine bay The whole compartment looks clean and the wiring, fuse, relays are all re-done. There is stainless steel sheet placed behind the engine so that the engine and the other parts are protected from dust and it looks like the technique worked as the whole section looks pretty neat.

As this is an old vehicle owner of this vehicle had replaced some of the components with Ambassador Grand that was launched later. According to the video, the car was repainted around 17 years ago and it still looks pretty new. The front grille on the car and the bumper are all stock. Coming to the side profile, the workshop where owner had done most of the works in this car had smoothly curved out the sharp edges on the door. The glasses are all tinted and the stock steel wheels are replaced with alloy wheels.

Check out this gorgeously resto-modded Hindustan Ambassador [Video]

The tail lamp unit in the car is the same that came with the car when it was purchased in 1982. The interior of the car has also been redone and the gear lever position has been changed from behind the steering to regular gear lever. As this is the mark 4, this Ambassador was powered by a 1.5 litre diesel engine that generated 37 Bhp.  The video shows the car in motion and even after so many years, the engine does not produce odd noises. The car is so well kept that one can barely find any rust on it. It is one of the perfect examples of a well kept Hindustan Ambassador. We wish more people maintain their old cars like this.

Ajeesh Kuttan

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