Resto-modded Kawasaki KB100 RTZ will bring back the 90s kid in you

Even though we have a lot of technologically advanced and extremely powerful motorcycles in the market these days, there are still section of people or collectors who adore old 2 stroke motorcycle. There are several motorcycles from that era that are still very popular today. Yamaha RX100, RD350 are some of them. One such commuter motorcycle that was popular during the 90’s was Kawasaki KB100 motorcycle. Eimor customs – quite a popular name in the modifying circle  decided to resto-mod a Kawasaki KB100 and the end result is just beautiful.

The Kawasaki KB100 RTZ was a commuter motorcycle that was offered with a 99.7-cc, two-stroke, single cylinder engine. This engine makes about 10 Bhp of peak power and 10.4 Nm of peak torque. A four speed manual gearbox was standard. When launched, it had one of the longest wheelbase in the segment. It seems like Eimor customs have not done any modifications to it as it still feels pretty long. The Kawasaki KB100 RTZ was introduced in 1986, as a challenger to the Yamaha RX100 and the Ind-Suzuki AX100.

It looks like the whole motorcycle was taken down and was rebuilt. the whole chassis gets a new layer of paint and the black theme is quite prominent on the bike. The front forks remain the same but, the headlamp has been replaced with a small round unit. The head unit has been completely replaced and the instrument cluster is now a single pod unit. The front mudguard has been neatly repainted in white with a dark green outlines. Similar paint job is done to the fuel tank and side panels too.

It looks like the engine was repainted too. The KB100 used to come with drum brakes but, Eimor has installed a disc brake for better bite from the brakes. The rims and spokes have been painted in black and it also gets scrambler like tyres. Moving towards the rear, you notice the blacked out chain case and the small turn indicators. the rear has been designed to look like a scrambler with a small tail tidy and no mudguard at the rear.

The rear suspensions have been blacked out too. The stock tail lights are replaced with LED units and the seat is similar to the one seen in scrambler motorcycles. The finished product looks elegant and Eimor has managed to modify this KB100 without losing its charm