Resto-modded lowrider Jeep for sale at Maruti Swift price

Just like modified hatchbacks, sedans or SUVs, Jeeps also have a cult following in India. We have seen several modified examples of Jeep in the past and we have featured some of them on our website. There are lot of garages in different parts of the country who specialise in modifying or customising old jeeps. Here we have one such video, were a Jeep has been restored and modified beautifully into a low rider as per customer request. What all has been modified? Let’s take a quick look at the video.

The video has been uploaded by JAIN MOTOR’S JEEP on their youtube channel. They specialise in modifying Jeeps and have done several projects in the past. This one was specially made for a customer who wanted to gift this to his father and brother. The Jeep has been completely customised to look like a low rider. The front of Jeep gets an aggressive grille with LED headlamps in them. The bumper is made of metal and gets tow hooks and an electric winch.

The Jeep sits just 10 inches above the ground that gives it a low slung stance. Customer opted for regular alloys and tyres instead of fat and chunky one because he preferred comfort on road. The suspension set up installed also serves the purpose. On the side profile, it gets a footboard with and a shovel and the flared wheel arches give it a proper low rider look. There are no doors in this Jeep.

Moving to the rear, it gets LED tail lights, jerry cans and a spare alloy wheel in place. It also gets a unique looking exhaust pipe which resembles with a rotary canon. A jack is also installed at the rear along with a tow hook. On the inside, it gets comfortable seats, power steering, air con and a custom made music system. The rear seats are front facing too. Every modified Jeep that we have featured is quite different in one way or the other. Clearly, this one is focused more on on-road drivability. Engine and gearbox options used in this Jeep were not discussed in the video but, the overall cost of making such a Jeep is around Rs 6 lakh. Generally, the Mahindra Bolero’s 2.5 liter DI or turbocharged diesel engine is used on such modified jeeps. Interested customers can get in touch with the custom house by clicking here.