15 Year-old, Beat-up Toyota Innova Resto-Modded To Look Brand New [Video]

toyota innova mpv type 1 to type 4 featured

Launched way back in 2005, the Toyota Innova dominated India’s MPV (Multi-Purpose Vehicle) segment. Till date, multiple modern iterations of the Innova, Innova Crysta, and Innova Hycross have ruled the MPV market. A popular choice among large families and commercial use, Innovas continue to ply on Indian roads. Today, we will cover the conversion and restoration job of a 15-year-old (2009 model) Type-2 Toyota Innova to the much newer Type-4 Innova. For those unaware, there were four versions of the original car, after which it was replaced by the Innova Crysta.

The project is carried out by Brotomotiv, a famous car workshop that is highly active on social media and showcased via a YouTube video. Talking about the before look, the Innova shows signs of ageing. The car looks completely beat up, with multiple big dents, broken parts, and blurred headlight glass.

Even though the car looks awful cosmetically, according to the customer, the engine of the car is still in perfect condition. The customer intends to keep the car for a long time after the restoration. This shows how reliable and solid Toyota’s engines are. The host mentions that this isn’t just a restoration job, and they are converting this type-2 Innova to a type-4 Innova with a body kit.

The video then shows the entire process to keep the viewers engaged. This is also done to build trust among customers, showing how the workshop handles their car. The car is going to be repainted in a completely different shade, which is Porsche’s Amethyst Black. To do this, the entire paint has to be stripped down, as shown in the video. The YouTube video highlights how carefully the workshop handles customers’ cars.

15 Year-old, Beat-up Toyota Innova Resto-Modded To Look Brand New [Video]

The host mentions that some minor body alterations must be made to fit the type-4 body kit in the type-2 Innova for proper fitment. The host also mentions that they do not use putty to fill and repair dents. Filling putty can drastically reduce the life of paint. Instead, they manually reshape all the body panels to restore them to their original condition.

The host talks about why the roof panels of old cars may get suspended over time and their solution to it: strengthening the support bars using a sealant. The type-4 Innova body kit includes a chrome front grille, headlights, bonnet, front bumper, fenders, rear bumper, taillight reflectors, and chrome accents. After the body panels are aligned, the car is sent to the base-work section to give the panels a proper shape.

For the paint job, the car is finished in a beautiful shade of amethyst black, which is available in cars such as the Panamera and 911. Depending on the angle and lighting, this colour gives shades of red, purple, and black. The host talks about the importance of the paint booth and curing. After painting, the final fitment of the car is done.

Coming to the final look, the car looks stunning and unrecognizable. While the beat-up version looked horrible, the finished product is a sight to behold. The customer has opted for aftermarket headlights and taillights, which give the Innova a sporty and modern look.

Even though not many modifications have been done to the car, the beautiful paint job elevates the MPV’s overall look, giving it a new life. The alloys are painted in bronze, complementing the beautiful amethyst black paint job. The video ends with the B-roll of the car, showing customers what can be achieved.