This 15 year-old resto-modded Toyota Qualis MPV looks beautiful [Video]

Toyota Qualis was a very popular MPV in India. A large number of customers and enthusiasts were shocked when Toyota announced that they will be discontinuing the Qualis and will be bringing in a new model. The Qualis was introduced back in 2000 and quickly became popular among buyers. It was replaced with Innova which is again a popular model that is still there in the market. Even though Toyota has phased out Qualis, we still have several well kept examples of Qualis in the country. Here we have one such well maintained Limited edition Qualis which looks beautiful.

The video has been uploaded by Dajish P on his youtube channel. The video starts by showing the car from the outside. The car belongs to Mr. Farook and is currently located in Kerala’s Malappuram district. He had bought this 2004 used Toyota Qualis few years ago. The car gets the same black paint job that came from the factory. In order to protect the paint, owner has done ceramic coating on it. The headlamps, fog lamps, turn indicators are all original. The car is maintained in a way that it is a bit hard to believe that it is almost 16 years old.

Coming to the side profile, the owner has replaced the stock wheels with 16 inch aftermarket alloy wheels that go well with the overall stance of this MPV. Owner has also installed a rear parking sensor at the rear to make his life easier. On the inside, couple of modifications and customisations have been done to the vehicle. The dashboard and instrument cluster looks like brand new and all the seats get a leather like seat covers. The floor mats are also of the same colour.

This 15 year-old resto-modded Toyota Qualis MPV looks beautiful [Video]

All the four doors now get power windows and a roof mounted AC vent have also been installed for the rear passenger. The Just like the exterior, the interior is all well maintained. The car has done over 1.28 lakh kilometres on the odometer and the engine still feels like a new one. It is the diesel version which uses a 2.4 litre diesel engine that generates 75 Bhp and 151 Nm of peak torque mated to a 5-speed manual gearbox, It was also available with a petrol engine, which was quite peppy but a fuel guzzler.

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